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  1. Michael Fish

    The /newstuff Chronicles #214

    OMG. I got a good review. I thought it'd be slated to be honest. My username says Michael Fish, but I go under too many names these days. I'm working on a new map, and I've already spent three times the amount of time on it. Again it's not huge, but the difference in detail should be noticeable. It's late here, but I'll get round to playing some of the other newstuff's tomorrow, it being bank holiday and all. Laterz. [EDIT] Btw, I did Dice's Dimension. I forgot to say who I was. :P
  2. Michael Fish


    I don't think anyone blames the Doomworld staff, but it's better you hear about it as you've probably got a much higher chance of getting the powers that be to do something about it. Let's face it, they must get tonnes of mail from regular Joe Bloggs types like myself whining about stuff. :P
  3. Michael Fish

    VR DooM?

    I found some glasses at http://www.vrealities.com that are supposed to work with most 3d computer games. Not sure if I believe it or not, but hey. Look under VR packages for VR-3D Glasses, they're pretty cheap. Until you add a motion tracker.
  4. Michael Fish


    There's been a lot of news over here about Diallers. The people who get caught out are those who aren't 100% confident about using the web and are still using dialup. They automatically click "yes" and it installs itself, and the next time they go online they start paying £1.50 a minute rather than their usual rate. They only realise once they get the phone bill. A lot of diallers will allow access to porn, but also allow you to surf the web like any other ISP just so that these people don't notice something's happened. The porn access really just makes them look like they provide a service, rather than just rip people off.
  5. Michael Fish


    The problem stems from the fact that on one pc, mozilla works fine (it's my browser of choice) but on my other, the freebie proxy I use just hates anything but ie. I can't seem to get it to pop up anymore, but 'Best SMS logos, pictures and more' is the one. It's especially annoying because it tries to install three times before redirecting you to an .exe download when you eventually get to close the window.
  6. Michael Fish


    Am I the only one who's sick to death of that dialler trying to install itself when viewing the main Doomworld pages? Is it me or are UGO just going too far. Profit > Service It comes to something when a popup stopper is as important as a virus killer nowadays. Anyway, I sound like an old man moaning so I'm going to shut up.
  7. Michael Fish

    doom 2 favourite maps

    I cannot stand map08. The amount of times I've played that map for one reason or another. It think it stems from using a doom frontend years back that had map08 set as the default. My favorite has to be map28 (especially in coop). Two spider masterminds in ultraviolence!!!
  8. Michael Fish

    Question for new doomers.

    Cheers for the tips! After finding Doom Builder my life has changed however. I might even be bothered to align textures properly.
  9. Michael Fish

    Question for new doomers.

    Well, if you want to see I uploaded two to http://mirror.j13security.org after a little bit of tidying up in Doom Builder (omg that it sooo much easier than DEU, which I originally used to make the maps). Oh and I aplogise for any terrible midi files that may be present in PLDM02.WAD
  10. Michael Fish

    Gantlet Remix

    I got bored of remixing the Refuelling Base over and over again. For some reason, whenever I finish the tune something bad happens and I lose it. Spooky... I don't think any of my music would be worth listening to whilst playing Doom, but I find drum 'n' bass remixes of stuff like this amusing. :P
  11. Michael Fish

    The actual music.

    I shall never listen to MAP10's music in quite the same way again. I even had that as a ringtone (the Doom version, not Black Sabbath's). No wonder people used to look at me funny when my phone went off on the bus.
  12. Michael Fish


    To cut a long and rather boring story short, yeah. For some reason I seem to go under about six different names online. I'm on medication for it, but it doesn't seem to work too well.
  13. Michael Fish

    I search for job

    True. In fact I'd go as far as to say I didn't understand it.
  14. Michael Fish

    Strife ports

    I remember Apogee telling a mate of mine that they'd lost the source code to Rise of the Triad. Let's hope Rogue manage to find it again like Apogee eventually did. Anyway, it's all looking very promising, to the point where I'm off to see how cheap I can buy it these days...
  15. Michael Fish

    A sad image I had scanned years ago

    I used to draw the Doom 2 logo all the time when I was back at school. I didn't bother drawing anything else though as the logo looked bad enough. Actually, I might have had a go at a lost soul once but I think my brain has blanked that one out as admitting to drawing it was such a traumatic experience...