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  1. Which maps do you like most and dislike most in each Ultimate DOOM episode? For me: E1: Best - E1M7 Worst - E1M8 E2: Best - E2M4 Worst - E2M6 E3: Best - E3M3 Worst - E3M7 E4: Best - E4M5 Worst - E4M1 What about y'all?
  2. Intel17

    id: Hell on Earth?

    I had been getting the sense that id was very poorly managed. These guys struck gold back in the 90's, but nowadays they are finding it difficult to run a real business with deadlines and proper product scope. They sold out to ZeniMax because, quite frankly, their business model was completely unsustainable at their game release rate + revenue base.
  3. Hi, I am about to finish my degree in CS & math, have experience writing C/C++, and would like to gain experience working on real projects. Since I'm a huge DOOM fan and have enjoyed all the mods and wads over the years, I want to give something back. I'm looking to work on a DOOM mod project. I'm not familiar with the DOOM source out there, but I'm a quick learner. Willing to follow directions, meet deadlines, and most of all, contribute to keeping DOOM alive. Regards, --Intel17
  4. Intel17

    Doom 3 Gets Lost, Finds a BFG

    I'm pumped. Can't wait to pick this up, crank it to max, and play through DOOM 3 yet again. But first, I will now go and play regular DOOM 3 :)
  5. Intel17

    Poll: What's more satisfying?

    After spending some time playing "modern" games -- any DOOM scenario is infinitely satisfying.
  6. Intel17

    who also plays with keyboard only

    I'm keyboard-only. Have been since 1993. Can't stand to play DOOM with a mouse.
  7. Hi all, I'm selling off all of my DOOM collector's items and have listed them on Amazon.com. If you want a brand new, sealed Depths of DOOM set, here it is: http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00083BRLU/ref=dp_olp_new?ie=UTF8&condition=new The Ultimate DOOM, brand new and sealed CD-ROM: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002Z3KRS Final DOOM, brand new and sealed CD-ROM: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001RMQZQI I really, REALLY hate to sell them, but I've got to pay for college somehow. I've kept great care of these items for 7-8 years, and I hope their new owners respect them and take as good of care of them as I have. I also have some "specialty" items, namely a 3.5" disk version of the ultimate DOOM sealed in the retail box, a Mac, sealed Ultimate DOOM, an and a Master Levels for DOOM 2 sealed. Contact me via PM to make a deal on those. Thanks guys, --Intel17
  8. Intel17

    DOOM Collector's items on Amazon.com

    How much would you be willing to pay? I'll lower the price $10 for you. I'd REALLY prefer that people on Doomworld get these items rather than random non-DOOM-lovers. [PRICE LOWERED TO 79.99 on amazon]
  9. Intel17

    What are the optimal specs to run Doom 3?

    You need a better graphics chip. I reccomend: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814150475&cm_re=geforce_gts_240-_-14-150-475-_-Product As a card that'll run DOOM 3 pretty well. If you want to play other modern games, I'd suggest investing in at least this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814131330&cm_re=radeon_5770-_-14-131-330-_-Product
  10. Intel17

    Vintage DOOM items for sale!

    All right, so the time has come when I must part with a number of items from my DOOM/Quake collection, since hard financial times have left me in need of money. I've got the following items (more than one of a few, but I won't disclose exact quantities but no more than three of each for the ones I have more than one of): * The Ultimate DOOM Retail, new and factory sealed (CD-ROM and 3.5" Diskette) * Depths of DOOM Trilogy * Final DOOM retail, new and factory sealed * Quake 3 Collector's Tin * D! Zone Gold (3000 maps) Message me if you are interested in purchasing any of the above items and we'll discuss price! They're rare and I took care of each and every one. I wish I could hang on to them, but I need money for textbooks and other expenses :( Regards, --Intel17
  11. Intel17


    So I've finally gotten around to playing The Plutonia Experiment in earnest, and I've got to say...WOW! This mapset is really challenging and the maps are really creative. Especially that Archville maze (I'm at level 12 now). Anyway, yeah...makes me wonder why I built this gaming PC if the best game on the planet will run on an i486... I'm not sure if I prefer Evilution, though. Will have to see once I've finished this, but I've never been so challenged by DOOM, and it's pretty exciting!
  12. Intel17


    Done! Loved it. Plutonia rocks. I can now finally say that I've beaten every DOOM game on UV :)
  13. Intel17


    Almost done with Plutonia...just finished MAP 27. Maybe I can finish this in the next 2.5 hrs before Black Ops comes out.
  14. Intel17


    31 wasn't THAT bad, but 32 was an effing NIGHTMARE.
  15. Intel17


    w00t! I beat Plutonia's MAP 31 and 32. Pwn!
  16. Intel17

    Doom 4 should have...

    It'll be 30Hz on the consoles, but 60Hz on the PC. I'm not too worried.
  17. Intel17


    I would say so, yeah, especially since I'm only at level 12 and it's harder than, say, DOOM 2's or Evilution's Maps 20+!
  18. Intel17

    Hooking modern gamers on DOOM

    So, interesting story...my roommate always tells me, "why the hell do you play DOOM? It's old and looks like it's mindless". I kept telling him for months that he oughtta just give the game a chance, to which he replied, "nope." But then the Quakecon pack arrived on Steam and he bought it primarily for the Bethesda games. He, however, decided to give DOOM 2 a shot. His response? "OMG dude, watching you play this game and actually playing it are two different things...no wonder you love these id games so much" Thank you, Steam :)
  19. Intel17

    Hooking modern gamers on DOOM

    I think a lot of people just assume DOOM is, perhaps, Painkiller with old graphics. But the level design, puzzles, weapons, and character of the game is so much more alive than any of the modern "mow 'em down DOOM wannabes".
  20. So as QuakeCon 2010 approaches and the first glimpse of DOOM IV nears, I find myself simultaneously excited and fearful of what we will see. I love the original DOOM games and liked DOOM 3, but I thought 3 should've just been a different IP since it wasn't really DOOM. I find myself wishing that DOOM IV would just be an updated DOOM I/II, but then I ask myself, "if I really want more DOOM/DOOM II, can't I just play some of the finest megawads out there?" Seriously! Each 32 level megawad out there could be called DOOM 4, 5, 6,..., and it'd be exactly what a lot of us want -- more DOOM II! So if we have literally thousands of maps to play, shouldn't that be enough classic doom? Shouldn't we embrace new ideas from id as they go on to make more DOOM games? Thoughts?
  21. Intel17

    Favorite Mappers of the 00's

    I don't have too much pwad playing experience, but I *really* like Erik Alm's Scythe and Hell Revealed (forget their names).
  22. Intel17

    Classic Doom 3 mod

    iunno, I played it a while back, expecting a lot. But really? It's just the E1 layouts with the dark, plastic feel. Why don't they re-make E1 with the hi-res texture pack for the original DOOM? Wait...that'd be a great project for an engine like Q3's, since DOOM 3's lighting model kind of sucks for this kind of game.
  23. Another observation after playing DOOM 3 and Ultimate DOOM back to back: The original DOOM maps let you "figure out" where to go. The maps are generally large, filled with lots of neat areas to go to (at your own leisure), and filled with demons. This is much more realistic, since: (1) if hell really wanted to invade, they'd do it with extreme force, not by hiding a few monsters in a closet. (2) a real UAC base would probably be pretty big, have lots of different areas, and be open to exploration. DOOM 3 just pushed you forward. Also, did I mention that secret areas and levels are freakin' cool?
  24. Intel17

    Maximum Doom?

    Yeah, the Master Levels CD is nice to have :)
  25. Intel17

    Last Doom Wad you played

    Last finished Acheron.wad, currently playing scythe.wad (found both secret levels! :D)