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Everything posted by predat0rian

  1. predat0rian

    alternate box art idea

    I would change it to an Imp getting his head blown apart by the doom guy. It might confuse people who are new to the game but it would look cool.
  2. predat0rian

    At Doom's Birthday

    LOL, thats funny! It looks like after all these years the doom guy and hell are finally coming closer together.
  3. predat0rian

    Looking for wallpaper/3rd person mode question

    I found a picture of cybie thats 800x600 that you could use as a wallpaper. You cant see much of its face, but you can see its weapon. Hope this helps! http://www.levelsource.com/d3levels/part4/m27_pes_p6.jpg
  4. predat0rian

    Doom Movie Question

    What about Kenny?
  5. predat0rian

    Doom Movie Question

    I think they should have Cartman from South Park play the doom guy, he would make the movie very scary. I also think that Kenny would be very good at playing Campbell.
  6. predat0rian

    Driveable Doom3 Vehicle

    Damn it i hate Chevys but it does have really good art work on it. FORDS ARE THE BEST!!! :)
  7. predat0rian


    Its Predat0rian, not Predit0rian. BUT I STILL WANT TO KNOW!
  8. predat0rian


    You have to kill the Sarge?! Why?! Is it because of the key card caller thing you get from the one guy(i have not really played the game too much)?
  9. predat0rian

    Doom 3 Wallpaper

    That is really cool but its a little too dark.
  10. predat0rian

    Green Pile 12

    Man that was really funny! It was also really good artwork. I never knew how they trained down in hell, but now i know!
  11. predat0rian

    Cacodemon Redesign (Sketch Stage)

    Dude now that is some sweet work.
  12. predat0rian

    robot thing

    I think that they should put that in doom 3 and make it fly.
  13. predat0rian

    Doom ³: The Movie

    I say the movie should be so scary that it should be rated "ENTER WITH YOUR OWN RISK!!!"
  14. Nothing, and i mean NOTHING could ever stop me (and a lot others) to stop playing the original doom games. Sure doom 3 looks like it can kick some ass but nothing can kill a legend.
  15. predat0rian

    Doom 3 box....

    If the box doesn't have the box with it (or in it) i'm not buying it.
  16. predat0rian


    Well it looks like to me that Wal-Mart is doing some secret operations with id or maybe id software is partners with Wal-Mart, but what do i know, i dont work for either of them! :)
  17. predat0rian

    Yippee! Doom art!

    DAMN! Now that is what i call art!
  18. predat0rian

    [Wallpaper] Knee Deep in Design

    That is really good! Keep up the good work with those wallpapers dude!
  19. predat0rian

    Hm, yet another sketch...

    Its cool, i like it.
  20. predat0rian

    A quickly made Doom wallpaper...

    That is the WORST wallpaper i have ever seen in my life!!!
  21. predat0rian

    Another Cacodemon -- Colored --

    That is really cool and good! :)
  22. predat0rian

    In Flames

    Thats an evil drawing, but its sweet with that background. :)
  23. predat0rian

    The coloured berserker marine.

    looks kinda like they are dancing in a really violent way. :)
  24. predat0rian

    A sad image I had scanned years ago

    That is the worst thing i have ever seen in my life. :)
  25. predat0rian

    Doom comic strip!!!

    Is he trying to shoot himself?