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  1. calimer

    Doom 3 Fan-games?

    Yep! I'm the project lead. Nothing happened to it per say, we felt like we were done and moved on to other projects. I think we ended up having something like 80+ playable maps and I don't think that even included the Classic Doom for Doom 3 mod integration. And I started working more on my project Platinum Arts Sandbox Free 3D Game Maker. There were a lot of mods and map packs to our mod as well which was super fun. What would you have liked to have seen?
  2. calimer

    Doom 3 Fan-games?

    Hi! If you're a fan of the older Dooms we tried to bring back the old classic style of gameplay to our mod Last Man Standing, a Doom 3 Coop mod. We also created a few campaigns to go through. Gametypes we've added are Defense, where you defend a fort, Onslaught, where you face onslaughts as you progress through stages, and Killfest where you try to survive as long as possible in an arena. We were also lucky enough to have the Classic doom for Doom 3 Mod allow us to include their mod in ours and bring Doom 3 coop for their mod.