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  1. http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/09/24/news_6108100.html
  2. UltraMarioMan

    Mushroom Cloud Over Korea

    Could it be a small asteroid impact?
  3. UltraMarioMan

    UN secretary Annan says Iraq War was illegal

    See this is why the UN is so messed up it takes them 2 years to decide things.
  4. UltraMarioMan

    SNES Doom mod

    Maybe they're sleeping...or drunk...possibly both...
  5. UltraMarioMan

    Are there any other TCs with a zombie theme?

    I'd play that if I could figure out how... (Bunch of files in the zip no wads or .deh files tho...)
  6. UltraMarioMan

    Are there any other TCs with a zombie theme?

    Where can I find them? I need a time machine so I can get RE4 sooner...
  7. Aside from the one based on Dawn of the Dead/Day of the Dead? I needs to kill me some zombies!
  8. Maybe this isn't the best place to ask this. But my nephew is visiting and he is disabled in one arm so mouse/keyboard controls are impossible for him. Are their any programs that can help him? Preferably that can be turned off when I play it.
  9. UltraMarioMan

    Wad Release

    This guy is full of it. Does he expect anyone to believe Capcom would licence their flagship series to anyone but a large well known console game company? Plus I believe 3dfx no longer exhists.
  10. UltraMarioMan

    Doom: Reborn (gag me)

    I'd like it if someone replace the chaingun's sprite to a more military looking rapid fire gun.
  11. UltraMarioMan

    Sound of the Big Bang

    I think its God making odd sounds to cause message board discussions. I mean he has to do something for fun.
  12. UltraMarioMan

    Duke 3D Question

    Ash could kick Duke's butt!!
  13. UltraMarioMan

    doom III rated "E"

  14. UltraMarioMan

    DOOM battles

    Your just plain evil! :p
  15. UltraMarioMan

    Where can I find wads with vehicles?

    Does the tank make the same satisfying crunch that the N64 one makes when you run over someone? :)