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  1. Sssitinith

    VGA vs. DVI

    Vsync just KILLS my fps, and it creates more noise then it gets rid of tear-wise. The cable I'm looking at is from best-buy... only place around here that sells comp. parts. I found one on-line for 14 though, I think I'll get that one. Thanks for the help
  2. Sssitinith

    VGA vs. DVI

    #1 Thanks for the move, I wasn't sure were to post this #2. I'm using this for gaming mostly... Doom 3, jDoom, CS source all that. (Yes I know LCDs are bad for that) http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/ProductDetail.aspx?sku=320-4113&c=us&l=en&cs=19&category_id=211&first=true&page=productlisting.aspx Thats the screen I have. Also if anyone knows if this will help image tearing out, please tell me. I've been getting some really bad image tears that take around half a second to roll down the screen, and it's getting annoying.
  3. Sssitinith

    VGA vs. DVI

    I'm gonna guess this is the right forum but I'm not sure... anyway I've been going around asking the various tech forums about the differences between vga image quality and dvi. I'm doing this because a freind recently bought a new LCD monitor and since then has told me that dvi is like >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> compared to vga. I myself have a pretty nice 19" 1280x1024 20ms @75hz monitor and a 9800 pro oc'd to XT and I was wondering what the image quality would be. So I started asking around cause I'm not a whiney little rich boy like he is and I don't want to spend upwards of $40 like he did just for a cable, so.. does it really make a difference? So far my responses have ranged from "OMG YES DVI IS SSSOOO MUCH BETTER" to "I really can't tell the difference and I wish I didn't spend the money on it."
  4. Sssitinith

    I need a good music wad!

    http://www.doom2.net/~elbryan/doommisc.html#mwads The Doom+Doom2 PSX Music wad is your only option.
  5. Sssitinith

    Favorite map of all time.

    E1M7, Monster Condo, and Bloodfalls are all tied for me. I love every thing about them, even down to the music.
  6. Sssitinith

    When the hell are they going to fix Zdaemon?

    Already e-mailed him multiple times to
  7. Sssitinith

    Favorite Quake monster

    The problem with Quake was the fact that it had no damn creative director, that's why half the game doesn't make sense or fit together. Oh well, it was still fun and a technological leap. Anyway, my favorite is the death knight, cause they look cool
  8. Sssitinith

    Counter Strike Spray install

    My freind goes around plastering the G-Man as a tag. He used some sort of a reroute to get the picture to be absolutly HUGE, like to the point were it would take up a wall. Last time I checked he's been banned from Steam, and countless other servers. Hehe
  9. Sssitinith

    Collector's Edition in 3D?

    Doomsday (Requirements : Video Card that supports OpenGL or DirectX) Homepage : http://doomsdayhq.com Engine (ver. 1.7.15): http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/deng/deng-inst-1.7.15.exe?download Redone Music : http://sycraft.org/content/audio/doom.shtml Redone Doom 2 Textures : http://switch.to/doom2textures Texture Overlays for Doom and Doom2 : http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/deng/jdoom-details.zip?download MD2 Models : ftp://jfiles@server1.thefourwinds.net/jdoom/models/jdrp/jDoom_Resource_Pack_101.exe ZDoomGL (Reqirements : Video Card that supports OpenGL) Homepage : http://www.doomworld.com/doomgl/ Engine Part 1 : http://zdoom.org/files/zdoom122.zip Engine Part 2 : http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/zdoomgl/zdoomgl074.zip?download MD2 Models : http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/zdoomgl/ZDoomGLMd2.zip?download Legacy Homepage : http://legacy.newdoom.com Engine : http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/doomlegacy/legacy142.exe?download I suggest Doomsday.
  10. Sssitinith

    When the hell are they going to fix Zdaemon?

    Nope, I'm useing the standard upgraded doom2.wad and the ultimate doom doom.wad
  11. Sssitinith

    Firefox 0.9

    I've heard from many many people and freinds that it's horrible, so I haven't updated nor will I
  12. Sssitinith

    "Good" Games you thought were crap.

    I like just about every game mentioned in here. I loved MGS2, I actually play CounterStrike quite alot (Although I will admit that it is highly overrated and there's alot of asshats running around), I though Metriod Prime was incredible, the GTA series isn't crap, but it is highly highly overrated. The only game I really have a problem with is Final Fantasy, it is wwaaaaaaayyy to overrated, and just plain not fun IMO. They keep trying to do new crap with it when it's just not possible. In fact, it seems like alot of rather good series is going down that path, I mean, WTF is Zelda: Four Swords Adventures about anyhow?
  13. Every single time I log onto Zdaemon, I get kicked within 3 minutes for "Speed Hack" and then get logged off the main server. Every freaking time. Running alot =/= Speed Hack