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  1. cadaver

    chainsaw modelled wrong?

    so why did they put the blade on the lefthand side...every chainsaw I have seen has the blade on the righthand side. it would look so much better. btw doom III is a fantastic game
  2. While boasting about his Armadillo space project, John Carmack threw in some very interesting tidbits regarding their upcoming game. Slashdot reports: For those of you that are underwhelmed by the 310 pound vehicle, do note that the big vehicle (1500 lbs) that can actually carry people is also flying. Look back in the Armadillo updates around April 19 for testing video. We have since reworked the propulsion system to follow what has worked so well on the subscale vehicle, and should be testing it this weekend. If it works well, we will be repeating the boosted hop with the big vehicle next week. The flight time is currently limited by federal law to 15 seconds of rocket burn time. We have a waiver coming to extend that to 120 seconds, but beyond that we will need a full launch license. The significance of all this is that the vehicles are intended to fly up, come back down and land right where they took off from, all without ablating, expending, or separating anything. It should be possible to have turn around times under one hour even for quite large vehicles. BTW, Doom beta testing is going very well. John Carmack http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid...ead&cid=9461296 http://d3c.ngz-network.de/news.php
  3. cadaver

    Doom III beta testing going very well...

    "from what i have seen with most companies there are 3 testing periods. first one is pre alpha where all the major bugs and game tweaks are made. basically once a section is done they go run through it over and over until they've got rid of bugs or found something that just didn't work. alpha testing is usually game balance and minor bugs but no major redoing unless something just horrible starts to happen. usually it's having independant players (probably from activision) come in and play through sections of the game and give feedback. this usually fixes those problems where the game developer gets too creative making the game frustrating for the player to figure out where they are supposed to go. or if something is way too hard for the average person. beta testing is more game balance testing as well has mass hardware testing. like if the game won't run if certain programs/drivers on your computer and 90% of that is done at the publisher. so i imagine they are probably working with a release candiate right now." ark_angel http://www.forumplanet.com/planetdoom/topic.asp?fid=2308&tid=1397966&p=4
  4. cadaver

    Doom III beta testing going very well...

    concept -> development --> alpha ---> beta --*D3 is here*-> gold --> release
  5. cadaver

    Which Game do you think has the best Graphics?

    DOOM III and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. ("And this final section is our pride and joy, it's the Dx9 renderer. It's a full featured Dx9 renderer. Unlike other games(Far Cry) that have Dx9 features, this is everything included." E3)
  6. cadaver

    DM Maps for Doom3

    they are speeding the pace up in multiplayer.
  7. cadaver

    Beat Doom 3

    In the live interview with ign at E3, ID said it will take around 30-40 hours to complete the game.