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  1. Mitonix

    Equipment items

    Hello everyone. I haven't played multiplayer, but I'm interested in the stats of some of the equipment items. For example, is it true that a kinetic mine can be destroyed before exploding with any weapon, and is it true that it is invisible to the enemy? And the reload speed is 21 seconds, like a shield wall, isn't it? Also, working time of the wall shield is 7 or 10 seconds? I'll be very grateful for the answer.
  2. Hello everyone. I've been wondering for a long time what the exact Health and Attack Damage of the enemies from these two games (Doom RPG and Doom RPG 2) in points, but I can't find any data about this anywhere, not even on the Doom Wiki, so I want to ask here. Answer, please, who knows. It’s just that, for example, killing an Ogre sometimes requires a different number of attacks from the same weapon, and it’s difficult to calculate the approximate damage yourself or from the damage that the monsters themselves inflict on the marine, it can also vary due to level ups, as protection increases. I'll be very grateful for the answer.