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Everything posted by Dracamyl

  1. Dracamyl

    Doom 3 in Foxtrot

    Heh, I've seen a different one at newdoom.
  2. Don't you mean AC? Anyway, I've seen the trailer and I think it looks good, I plan on buying it.
  3. Dracamyl

    Old Games vs. New Games

    The same goes for me.
  4. Dracamyl

    doom III rated "E"

    Heh, that's probably the only way, though the game wouldn't be Doom 3 any more it'd be FUBAR'd(It's an acronym look it up).
  5. Dracamyl

    New Doom Q&A on HomeLanFed

    Hmph, I was hoping to be able to play the demo a few days before release to get a feel but I guess they do not want to release anything out until it is FULLY DONE in their eyes.
  6. Dracamyl

    PlayStation Portable

    Seems like quite an amazing machine, I read in article that the spokesperson man or whatever said it could render more polygons than the PS2.
  7. Dracamyl

    One step closer to peace

    That's why we puff lye, 'Cause you never know when you're gonna go (Now this was the thread I meant to reply to!)
  8. Dracamyl

    Hassle the Hoff

    Oh just great people will probably listen to it the same reason they listen to William Hung if it(Hassle) releases...
  9. Dracamyl

    Unreal Engine 3 good-res pics

    The game looks extremely stunning and to imagine we'll be able to be shooting at these highly detailed creatures and incredible looking environments in about two years...
  10. Dracamyl

    When treadmills fight back

    Haha, I've seen that before on Ebaumsworld. She should try turning down the speed of the treadmill to a more reasonable level before trying to run on it next time. =/
  11. Dracamyl

    GTA: San Andreas

    Hmph, just read the article in the Game Informer magazine I got a few days ago... Looks like it will be an OG tripple OG gangster game. And finally you can swim and there are a lot more features and aspects to the game. You eat Donuts, get fatter and have a jiggly stomach. And for the bikes you will have to tap X to move them around, I really prefer they didn't require us to tap it and we could just hold it to drive just like a regular vehicle...but anyway that's some information about it.
  12. Dracamyl

    doom III rated "E"

    I'd be stupified if Doom 3 was rated E... the older Dooms were rated M so it's very doubtful that Doom 3 will be rated E, it's impossible. Shooting demons from hell, blowing their head off, seeing limbs...yeah.
  13. Dracamyl

    Who's your Favorite Monster

    Hell Knight for me, I imagine I will be be running/backing up while shooting at him and HK is chasing me...It will be an exciting experience.
  14. Dracamyl

    Which Game do you think has the best Graphics?

    They all look great... But for Doom 3 to get its unified lighting model, it has to throw out realistic light effects like radiosity and HDR that shade and glare characters and objects in subtle and complex ways. As long as Valve can solve the overlapping double dark problem with its projected shadows, HL2's shadowing is going to get done most of the major "wow" elements of Doom3's lighting system (like a zombie creeping out of the dark with the shadows sliding over it) at a much reduced cost, leaving room for all sorts of other effects and much bigger and more complex environments. HL2 can also do real time lighting when it needs to: it's lighting effects have a very wide scale to accomodate a wide variety of effects and environments. But of course we all still haven't seen the final product of Doom 3, so it might look significantly better than what we think based on the knowledge of the 2k3 trailer. EDIT:Fixed a minor punctuation error.