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  1. Well this is kicking my ass. In Map03, you can pickup the SSG without triggering the wall lowering
  2. hashmap

    Tetanus | Now on Idgames!

    I see squonker, I play squonker
  3. Man this has been seriously good so far!! I've just finished map03. Got 6/8 secrets, I don't know how to get the automap and
  4. Saw this on sand "new york revenant" wedges channel, like you said super moody! Not what I usually play but I have enjoyed it. No idea if this something that could be fixed or it's just one of those things; playing map15 I managed to evade the Cyber until I got the BFG then he got stuck in the ceiling as I came back to find him lol. The area after the berserk secret, it's tagged a secret but can't see anything to do there? Secret exit I thought but I completely drew blanks after a while. And how to get rocket launcher in map 1?
  5. I did aye Finished map02 this morning, again enjoyed it a lot. I was pushed for time so clipped up to the switch for the secret fight, unironically found the teleporter for it when I was exiting lol. You can cheese the AV-Pinky fight, not sure if you've seen it? You can hide in a corner where you get the skull key and I just hosed down the pinkys from there.
  6. Just finished map01 on HMP, really enjoyable - how to get the secret skull key was really good.
  7. Having a lot of fun with this. Absolutely cannot figure out the plasma secret on E2M3
  8. Also played through 1 & 2 on HMP. I found it very easy, mostly because there's a lot of space to herd the mob and get them infighting, understood you weren't going for punishing set pieces, they were all just quite easy to solve in one way. The maps were nice to look at, secrets were well considered.