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  1. Endureth

    Anyone play WoW?

    Endureth 60 Shaman Kargath Server -E
  2. Endureth

    Topless sunbathing in California?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. You don't want every woman to take her top off. Some, you don't really want to look at with tops on. -E
  3. Endureth


    Right, Id isn't making the new wolfenstein but Nerve is doing it. Todd H. mentioned it in one of the interviews when D3 came out. I heard somewhere that there we some screens but they vanished about 2 mins after they appeared and I didn't get my hands on them. -E
  4. Endureth


    Is there any info at all regarding the new Wolfenstin that Todd H. let's slip right before D3 was release? I know it will be using the D3 engine, I'm just curious if there are any screenies floating around. TBH, I'm more interested in a new Enemy Territory. I hope they add some more animation for the players because D3 multiplayer doesn't feel right the way people move. -E
  5. Endureth

    Sexy hi-res pic!!!

    I had more fun playing HL2 than I did playing D3 and to me, that's all that matters in a game. Doom 3 felt way too scripted, that ruined the entire game for me. The graphics were ok, but too clean. HL2 > D3 -E
  6. Endureth

    Open Letter to Doom Fans

    This is guy is just setting himself up for failure from day one. His career as a director will go no where if he doesn't grow a pair of nuts before Christmas. If you want to make it loyal to the games, just make it a 1.5 hour long demon slaughter. Break new ground, action from the first second to the last. That's what made Doom so damn popular. I can promise you it had little to do with a story. -E
  7. Endureth

    Armed and dang...Well, not really

    Until you've experienced actual depression you should probably be a little more tactful about it. Depression can reach lows you probably can't even fathom. It's a mental disorder. I hope I never have a reason to be so depressed. -E
  8. Endureth

    POLL: Ideal website layouts

    If you want a popular website, you should have pr0n on it. The design doesn't really matter so long as there are lots and lots and lots of really big b00bs. -E
  9. Endureth

    Vote for Half-Life 2 as game of the year

    World of Warcraft? -E
  10. Endureth

    Vote for Half-Life 2 as game of the year

    As a hardcore Doom fan, I have to say Half Life 2 is the shit. The story is great, the scenes are incredible, the fights are great fun and different every time. The AI exists. After Doom 3's repeatable scripted scenes, I have to say Half Life is the better game. Don't want to believe me, buy it, try it. -E
  11. Endureth

    Wouldn’t it be cool if...

    I think it would be wicked cool if my ex- fell off a cliff. I also think it would be cool if Donald Trump gave me all his money. -E
  12. Endureth


    That story can't be true. No way. A case like that wouldn't even make it to a court room, what lawyer would represent her thinking she had a chance of winning? -E
  13. As soon as you stop paying him to watch the damn thing. I haven't seen any of his flicks yet, he's not buying hamburgers with my money. I spent enough money feeding Gene Simmons, I'm broke. -E
  14. Endureth

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    I liked all the excavation sites. They looked pretty cool. -E
  15. There are more people walking around airports you would not want to see naked then there are ones you would. Don't forget that :/ -E