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  1. Pinhead

    The Enemies...

    maybe we could see someone actually getting impaled, etc, or something similar to the processing plant in quake 2, yet more disturbing
  2. Pinhead

    Doom Anthology

    looks great. i just sent in my E1M8 story
  3. Pinhead

    Space Station Alpha

    once again, great writing
  4. Pinhead

    Doom 64 messages

    Unmaker? Is that was the laser gun's called?
  5. Pinhead

    what do like other than doom?

    Half Life and it's mods All forms of Quake All forms of Quake 2 Goldeneye Starcraft Command and Conquer Command and Conquer: Red Alert Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun Duke Nukem 3d Any Zelda game Final Fantasy VII Chrono Trigger
  6. Pinhead

    E1M1: The Hangar (Conclusion)

    Once again, great work
  7. Pinhead

    E1M1: The Hangar (Part 2)

    wow, this kicks ass! they should have had you write the doom book. when it's all written, are you gonna put it all into one file or post it on the web?
  8. Pinhead

    A new zombie idea

    maybe even zombies in different states of decay...
  9. Pinhead

    Favorite/Crappy WADs

  10. Pinhead

    yet another silly doom story

    yep. just downloaded it
  11. Pinhead

    Featured Member

    ooh, now here's a change: right now, it's Ling
  12. Pinhead

    looks like i was wrong

    where'd you see the pics?
  13. Pinhead


  14. Pinhead

    yet another silly doom story

    yeah, just answer the question