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  1. Choronzon33

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    Nice! Yeah, I've noticed every gun helps. I also have a 16GB mobile Nvidia RTX 3080 card in my laptop's motherboard if I haven't mentioned it yet. So the slowdown COULD also be a hardware limitation. Idtech is very hardware hungry in general. Hey, make sure you are using the OpenGL renderer. I've had issues with Vulkan in Linux. Ironically, I noticed the same problem with the OpenGL renderer in Windows! That's pretty funny to me! So try OpenGL in Linux and Vulkan under Windows. Happy slaying!! :)
  2. I own it through Steam and have it working great in Ubuntu. But I hate it needing to run through Steam and would prefer to get it working like Doom 3 does. For that all you do is copy the Windows files into a 32 bit wine prefix and install the official 1.3.1 patch from Id Software's servers. I got it through the Way Back Machine.
  3. Choronzon33

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    Nice! I don't have any lockups. But I have a laptop ranked at 30th place out of 700 in tier level and as under a UFO and nuclear submarine. :) I managed to get FitGirl's repacks with the 6.66 update included. I installed it with WINE and about a couple hours of screwing around and reinstalling it managed to save it in my .wine prefix and restarted. But I'm waiting until I finish my run through of Doom 3, Lost Mission and RoE first. Hopefully the Absolute HD 1.7 Reimagined for RoE might have a download by then! Back in 2022 the guy said he was going to do a Reimagined version for RoE, and I can't wait for it! Then I'm heading for Site 3 again!! I'm thinking about getting back into the mod I was going to make of the Marine slugging his way back to Mars City after the Cyberdemon fight. Complete with more Cyberdemons, blocked off arenas (2016 and Eternal-styled) and plenty of Archvile's bounding around. Maybe some plasma Chaingunners too. And maybe following up on that Plasma Trite model too. I haven't found the video tutorial or rest of the written one on the Way Back Machine yet. Happy slaying! Oh and those Runes really aren't a necessity. They are helpful, and each trial helps better your combat skills, but they aren't really necessary. They just help make things easier is all. To each Slayer their own style of slaying!
  4. I'm trying to mod some things in the Embers of Armageddon mod for GZDoom and have come across several .AED files. Googling this gives zero results for my purposes. I would be interested if someone could also explain the difference between standard DECORATE files and the .AED ones. I would believe they are an improved format of some type. Thanks in advance!
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the clarification. I can't wait to add things to EoA. At least on my PC. :) I made it so the possessed, imps, cacodemons and pinkies have slightly higher health values. Definitely makes it more challenging for me anyways!! Maybe I release my addon sometime soon!!
  6. Choronzon33

    Is there a way to play Doom 2016 in Linux without Steam?

    Welp, thanks anyways guys. I originally installed Doom 2016 by copying it from my Windows 10 drive and onto another external drive. Then copied them into the Steam folder (steamapps/common, I believe) along with the app manifest file. Then Steam recognized it as existing and I enabled Proton and validated and ran it. I just really hate needing to validate after every freaking Nvidia update. That's why I don't want Steam. It's even worse because I normally use Vulkan but hate updating that alongside nvidia. Definitely getting my practice updating things but geez. Thanks!
  7. Choronzon33

    Site 2

    Maybe not what you want, but I'm working on a mod that takes place directly after the hellhole is sealed by the soul cube. You fight back to the monorail section (walking it of course) and drop down to face off a few killable Cyberdemons and Archviles leading a few zombies to create a gore Nest to create a portal to Hell. It's up to you to take them out and then work back to wherever the original ending cutscenes shows the Marine being picked up. And then possibly you get to fight with a squad to evac. I want to make it so all 3 Marines (original - 64, doom 3 and RoE) are the 2016 Slayer. They simply all, through whatever path they took previously, wake up tied to the table trying to get free.
  8. Choronzon33

    About Final Monster of Doom 3?

    Also, to defeat the Tyrant shoot around it until you die.
  9. Doom 3 with modern Doom Eternal mechanics. So weapons malfunction and possibly blow up in your face. Demons try to glory kill you. You have weak points demons can target and you are given different modes of playing. For example if your leg is shot you either have a gait or you need to crawl. You'll also need to bandage yourself a la Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth style. And new added demons are a blend of Quake 1 and Doom 3 in addition to all of them (D3 + Quake 1 creatures) being in the game (with most Quake enemies being Doom3-ified).
  10. Choronzon33

    How does the Guardian summon its seekers?

    How does it even detect its health and trigger everything? I haven't pulled up the map yet, but I don't even understand where these settings would be accessible in Dark Radiant. Would this be a perfect example of scripting and/or triggering?
  11. Choronzon33

    Copying Sections of Doom 3 Maps?

    Solved. After getting Dark Radiant everything seems to work much easier. You can essentially have the editor and Doom 3 running in windowed mode at the same time.
  12. Choronzon33

    Copying Sections of Doom 3 Maps?

    How is this done in GTK Radiant? I want to add on to one of the Doom 3 (vanilla) levels.