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  1. So very true. Do you remember when games had ambushes, secrets and Easter eggs amongst other things which an alert player could discover and be rewarded for their attention to detail. Nowadays many games are counter-intuitive and punish you for doing anything other than reacting to Quick time events. (Ps I loved Fallout New vegas!)
  2. molehill

    The Evil Within.

    Bought this game yesterday but still don't have enough time to play it. What drew me to it was the fact that Shinji Mikami is behind it and so I *trust* the guy to deliver a good game. However if anyone else here has played it I'd like to know your thoughts.
  3. molehill

    Conceptual Doom arcade cabinet

    I think I read somewhere that a -really good- speedrunner (I think it was stx-vile) used a trackball to record their demos. It certainly made me consider using one!
  4. molehill

    A question about a certain Mr. Lade

    When I studied archaeology modules at university we looked at -boring super-detailed lists of Mycenaean artifacts -boring super-detailed lists of Babylonian cattle (in cuneiform) -boring super-detailed lists of Roman names -boring super-detailed lists of missing Hellenic texts I think history is on the side of Brandon D Lade who will be venerated as one of the great thinkers of our age :-p
  5. molehill

    Doomers That Disappeared

    And his awesome avatar.
  6. molehill

    Doomers That Disappeared

  7. Thanks! *runs out to get popcorn*
  8. molehill

    Videogames and nausea.

    I was just playing Half-life 2 recently (for the first time) and noticed that I felt a rising urge to chuck up. I don't know if it was the colours or lighting or game physics that induced this reaction but whatever it was I won't be playing Half-life 2 again (seriously overrated in my opinion). I got as far as the Hovercraft segment. So I've been wondering how I can play games like Doom, C&Q, Fallout etc. for days on end without any adverse conditions, but others like Halo 3 or Serious Sam 2 are physically (!) impossible. Does anyone else have a similar experience?
  9. molehill

    Interesting feature that never made it into DOOM

    Sorry to hijack the thread but I remember reading somewhere (doom bible?) that doom was going to be like an arcade game with 'points' and lives (the soulsphere was supposed to be a 1up). I wonder how that would of affected the playing experience.
  10. molehill

    How Has Doom Impacted Your Life?

    When I first discovered COMPET-N I never knew it would take about away a year off my life, watching all those demos... ONE YEAR WELL SPENT!
  11. molehill

    Resident Evil 5

    Agreed with Craigs. RE4 was AWESOME and RE5 was AWFUL. We (RE4 fans) waited 4 years for a game that was crap on so many levels-pun intended. -> Best parts of RE5 were recycled from RE4 (chainsaw enemies, 'plagas', melee/shooting combos) ->The flow and pacing of the single player campaign were utterly broken due a level design that emphasised replayability e.g. loading a map with super-guns and infinite ammo. Hence most levels were short and formulaic. ->Chris acts/sounds like a jerk. WHY?? -> No merchant, just a boring buy screen between levels. -> The only improvements were cosmetic graphical upgrades. (lovingly lavished on black blobs or 'uroborous') etc, etc. Having said that I realise that RE4 set the bar quite high, but Capcom could of made a much better game in 4 years.
  12. molehill

    TNT TAS Unfinished

    I've been lurking for 6 years but I'm coming out to say: THANK YOU!
  13. molehill


    I want to do all the lazy-ass sandy petersen maps (fortress of mystery?)
  14. molehill

    What the heck is an armor shard?

    blame quake 2 for the idea of armour shards. the original doom armour bonuses were helmets (how many helmets could he wear?)
  15. molehill

    what is your favorite wad editor of all time?

    this thread should have a poll... I use doombuilder but am considering getting registersd deepsea o_o