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  1. Red_Warrior

    Lüt = not dead

    >_> I say we make the culprit a necklace out of their own internal organs. Yes, it sounds violent, but GODS I'm pissed at that jackass... *Hugs Lüt and refuses to let go* meh heh heh ^.^;;
  2. Red_Warrior

    The Flat Earth Society

    Bah, only if he was raised by reeeeally dumb wolves... now if it were domestic dogs, now we're going somewhere. Keyboards smell too funny most of the time to be inferred as edible by anything with an IQ above a glass of water. Oh, and the earth can be whatever shape it wants to be. I'll just be happy if nobody blows it up.
  3. Red_Warrior

    Proof of Insanity?

    I did the sprite of YamuYamu. He has a new one, too, and shall soon have a third. You wouldn't believe how much you have to edit Knux... shave the dreds, move the arm position, ect ect. Yamu's important in the next too coming strips... It's the Japanese version of Cybernator... Assault Suits Valken. Valken is better than Cyb, 'cause they took out the character portraits. Why? Don't know. I love that game though ^_^ lil' Mr Man is actually the tiny guys that fall out of broken mechs... fun to chase them ^_^. That'll depend on when I figure out what to do with the plot. I'm working on the next strip, should be done today. It took so long because Cecil has new sprites ^_^ like Ellie's, with removable/interchangable arms. Saves time once they're done.
  4. Red_Warrior

    Proof of Insanity?

    Already read 'em all. And Final Fantasy Sonic. And a few others... TIME OVAAA! Yep, Psycho's insane. Makes so many cameos in the comics of others... and usually with popcorn, too. I like his Shadow sprite...
  5. Red_Warrior

    Proof of Insanity?

    I was kinda taking a vacation, but I'm back now... That thing has a name now.... it's YamuYamu. Scary. Definately. And now it has a -second- sprite. Yamu can now stand around looking bored. Yay? What? The picture for the base of the critter or the sprite itself?... there -was- no picture used beforehand.. pure sprite evilness. It's actually *cough* a shaved Knuckles. The arms are in a different place, though, and the head is nearly completly reworked. Speaking of comics... http://www.redshideout.com/sector/comi/sect/theunnamed/ Read it. It's kinda short and not much going on now, but... once their quest starts, things'll heat up, indeed. Pirate penguins. Oh, and Cecil and Ellie are made from scratch. Yay.
  6. Red_Warrior

    Bubblegum crsis patch for doom?

    If you have long hair and gum gets stuck in it, -that's- a real bubblegum crisis. What can I say, little kids usually -suck-! I wish I coulda decked that moron...
  7. Red_Warrior

    Proof of Insanity?

    It's really OT, but... this is just such a bizzare thing ^.^;;. On some Sonic-y sprite forums, we had the bright idea to make sprites of potential offspring of knuxy and Rouge. I call 'em Echibats... http://www.redshideout.com/sector/comi/sect/misc/echibat1.gif Yes, the world will end. Pretty freaky, no? The even more insane thing is that I still haven't got DOOM installed >_< I'ven been kinda busy in Caramgeddon... I want more Cunning Stunt Bonuses, dammit! Wish you could replace the sprites... mowing down zombies with a car? Squishing Cybies?..
  8. Red_Warrior

    Titles for usurpers and maladicts.

    I liked Bloom County..... *snickers* especially the book collections. A pity that bastard lost them all... -.-* I want a title! Err... a not-really-bad one. "All your hedgehogs belong to me" or something... bah. I won't get one -.-;;...
  9. Red_Warrior

    News Flash

    Hmmph... fainting while eating a pretzel -our- taxdollars payed for... on the -carpet- taxdollars paid for... and having bloody "tests" run with taxdollars. Heh. Leech. I'm mostly kidding, except for "heh" and "leech"... I don't care -_-
  10. Red_Warrior


    -_-;;.... *whaps the perv with a thorned stick* can't you identify sarcasm? And I can use most electronic devices -except- that which you mentioned... I've never even -seen- one. That's like saying women can't go to colleges >_<.....
  11. Red_Warrior

    I live!.... oww x_x

    Awww, ya' missed me! *Hugs* It actually makes me feel much better that I've been missed ^.^;; but I'm okay, the four holes are healing fine... just playing some Carmageddon ^_^. Strange thing... do you actually have to "finish" the race (the laps with the checkpoints) to keep the points you have? If you just go around breaking and squishing stuff mine doesn't keep the points after the race. Is mine botched or...?
  12. Red_Warrior


    .... I think -somebody- needs a cold shower. Oh, yes, and "mini-discs are an adomination to CD players! Only full size discs are the true way of the righteous!". And I play DOOM, too, and I'm certainly not a man ^.^
  13. Red_Warrior


    Well, -I- like it. Just need to make those side pictures stick a little better... it'd look a bit more convincing ^_^. It's not bad for a rush job, really... I'd call it cute, but that'd be taken as an insult -_-;;.
  14. Red_Warrior

    I live!.... oww x_x

    Medication? I have some -really- weak stuff.... barely notice that it even works -_- no trippiness or total unconciousness for me. Damn. *Looks nauseus* well, I'm glad both of the suffering parties are fairly okay and living... makes mine seems like a cakewalk with tea and fluffy pink bunnies. Anyway, I will continue to stalk the forums, just, umm, not much right now. Schoolwork -and- recovery. And sitting here too long hurts my back more than usual -_-... this stupid chair has no arms, either. Thankies for the kind words!
  15. Red_Warrior

    I live!.... oww x_x

    I got my leaking gallbladder and bunches of stones removed. They said it was unusal for anybeing of my age to have that problem. I'm unusual in yet another way! Ow!