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  1. Ayu

    Snakes on a Plane

    I probably won't see it in theatres, it just looks incredibly stupid.
  2. Ayu

    ATI vs. nVidia

    They are both good, but I was always an ATI person.
  3. Ayu

    Weird Al fans I have news!!

    Awesome :D
  4. Ayu

    oddest place you've played Doom?

    On a public bus. I was alone in the seat and attempted to play it on my laptop. I did for about 3 minutes but then it got hard cause it kept rocking.
  5. It was in Alpha Labs, yes, I did try another level and it worked on the first cabinet but not the others. :-\
  6. Hi. It seems that whenever I put in totally idiotic code (123) the cabinet opens for me. Is this an unsuspected "Master" code or is my game glitched?
  7. Ayu

    DOOM movie DVD pre-order

    I didn't worry about the storyline, I knew it would be different from the game. But whether it has nothing to do with the game or not- it's still a bad movie.
  8. Ayu

    What game would you like to see get made?

    hmm.. point and click doom game..... Umm.. no
  9. Ayu

    Doom for Nintendo DS?

  10. I just got a PSP recently and I want to put the doom port on it, I haven't had much luck yet :(
  11. Ayu

    Chocolate Doom

    Is there a way to run it in full screen without that black bar to the right of the screen? I don't know why it does but that bar bugs me.
  12. Ayu

    Best Movie 2005

    Best: Tie with King Kong and Sin City Worst: Fantastic 4/Doom
  13. Ayu

    Silent Hill movie teaser!

    I see no resemblence between the two. I cant wait too see this movie tho :D
  14. duke nukem 3Db http://www.gamespot.com/mobile/action/dukenukem3d/index.html
  15. http://www.gamespot.com/mobile/action/quakemobile/index.html ??