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  1. Dco16

    Alien Isolation

    About 4 or so hours into the game (mission 5) and I can't keep the Alien off me. It stays in the section I'm in regardless of how quiet I am. It seems to register any environmental disturbance, especially doors, which I can't avoid opening. I noticed that it would try to fake me out - enter a room while I'm hiding in a cupboard, then walk out the door, only to reappear a few seconds later. I ragequit earlier because it forced me into a cabinet in a small room, made me lean back and hold my breath in the cabinet, then left. Then, it came back again and did the same thing. It left the room, and I hadn't even started to open the cabinet before it was back and tearing my face off because it heard me breathing again. This was after spending roughly 90 minutes in the same section because the distance between where I was and the save point (not really that far) still required me to evade the Alien four or five times. It seems to show up looking for me in every single room. It doesn't help that no one's oiled any of the hinges on any of the cabinets and they're as loud as a gunshot. That's used future for you. 10/10 GOTY 6 STARS
  2. Dco16

    Doom Revealed

    Needs 100% more demon shooting.
  3. Dco16

    Wolfenstein: The New Order annouced

    Finished the game. It's only about 10 hours including cutscenes. Ending sucks. Until I finished the game, I could write off the zig-zagging tone, but it seems like one developer wanted a serious, heavily dramatic war game and another wanted a game where you go to a nazi moonbase. So they met in the middle and the game's serious moments just don't work. Other than that, it's a fun shooter. Stumbled onto the secret e1m1 "nightmare" when I was searching the resistance bunker: http://tinypic.com/r/wkiltz/8 As for the Doom Beta, it's not out yet AFAIK, and when it is, I'll be glad I paid for a decent game and got to see how bad they'll fuck up Doom 4 without having to buy it.
  4. Dco16

    A question about a certain Mr. Lade

    I got one of these from "The Boulder" about a month ago. It asked me to rate Unholy Realms and d2twid and any other recent wad I liked. Didn't reply because The Boulder had been banned by the time I saw the message and I figured it was bullshit. But I should play Unholy Realms.
  5. Got into coop recently and decided to try to make a coop map to take a break from a ballbusting long-term project. I wanted to scale the monsters for each battle according to how many players are on the server like in Serious Sam. One/two players: http://imgur.com/3wDqJB2 Eight players: http://imgur.com/rHngorv Originally planned to scale up to 16 players, but might stop at 8 because the further on the map goes the monster count would be unmanageable.
  6. Heavily WIP, in the spirit of a Castlevania clock tower: http://i43.tinypic.com/106fq6a.png http://i43.tinypic.com/2qxqng0.png The voxel gears spin, and with simple ACS, the player spins while on the gears. And then there are pain elementals and pits o' spikes because there's a certain amount of sadism that goes along with Castlevania.
  7. Dco16

    New Shadow Warrior game looks pretty awesome

    I'll probably play this anyway because the swordplay looks cool. I played Hard Reset and thought that it was underwhelming. There were some cool weapons, but it still misunderstands the classic approach to FPS games. Ever since the first Serious Sam, "classic" has meant mostly a linear series of arenas with lots of monsters with bad AI. Not to piss on Hard Reset. It's not a bad game. Also, kotaku had an interesting preview although it is completely beyond me why the ghost demon guy is channeling Heath Ledger's joker. It's really distracting.
  8. Dco16

    Rise of the triad is out

    I like this game even with its bugs, but it's trying to make me hate it. The game is trolling me as hard as it can. I'm a little tired of being mocked for dying because I didn't prepare for I Wanna Be The Triad when I selected Normal skill. I'm on the NME now and I don't think I'm going to get anywhere for a while. Haven't tried Ludicrous skill yet. It must live up to its name. EDIT: And while playing the first level on ludicrous skill I found a secret level. And the game pulls me right back in.
  9. Dco16

    Rise of the triad is out

    It's fun. Shooting is good. Most of the weapons have a nice kick to them. The heatseeker and firebomb have been the most useful so far. The drunk missile minigun thing isn't very responsive. Seems like it has to play the wind down and up animations before you can fire again, which makes short bursts impossible. The checkpoint system makes it less fun. Especially during platforming sections that require several perfectly timed and aimed jumps over instant-kill lava or cliffs. I'm also having performance problems. Lowest settings barely get me above 30 FPS. Kind of strange when the levels load in seconds.
  10. Mine's ok for idgames.
  11. I was compelled to try this. http://www.sendspace.com/file/07huc7
  12. Dco16

    What's your favourite Wolfenstein game?

    This. RTCW is the best of them, but Wolf3d is a nice, simple shooter. It's dated as hell, but I'll play it on the DS as a time waster. SOD's levels were a lot more frustrating and mazey. Wolf 2009 was the least open-world open-world game I'd played until Rage.
  13. A funny thing happened on the way from ZDoom format to UDMF. This map stayed intact: http://i.imgur.com/EA8UxUp.png Except every linedef looked like this: http://i.imgur.com/4Q27PhX.png PANIC MODE ACTIVATED. Good thing there were backups.
  14. Dco16

    Awesome New Quake Editor

    This thing does get kind of frustrating when trying to judge the distance between things. Other than that, it seems easy enough to learn as long as you're willing to look up the ancient quake map specs from '96. Also, Quake techbases are boring and have fewer texture choices than Wolfenstein. EDIT: Also, "grid size 1" and "don't snap to grid" should be the same thing. If it's not done with the grid, it ends up being between grid units, as in between the smallest unit possible and Trenchbroom crashes when I try to fix it by dragging the vertex with the mouse without a grid.