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  1. Holy fuck, next time I spawn an entire thread because of my outfits, let me know O.O Secondly Please. Sirs, I HATE THOSE SHIT BANDS. This is my band, well one of them anyway: myspace.com/toxicforthemasses The other music I do some industrial as well some mellow acoustic stuff that I've worked on when I'm bored. Think of something like Devin Townsend's KI album. If you want, I'll post those too for the sake of whoring my projects lol. Now for the metal discussion that I inadvertently seemed to have created lol. I'm a huge fan of progressive metal. Some of Devin Townsend's works have been greatly inspirational to me. But then you've got the (somewhat) older stuff too, like the first few Fear Factory records which I thought were the proverbial "shit" when they came. Fast, heavy, fucking violent. Perfect combo. I've been much of a fan of black metal or the like because I've never heard enough of it to get really get into it lol. Really starting to love this band though
  2. Demon Hunter

    The Self Portrait and Personal Photograph Thread

    This is from earlier this year And this is what I usually wear in my band lol
  3. Demon Hunter

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    Owning stuff with the mutiny mod...yay!
  4. Demon Hunter

    Fire main weapons

    Very interesting, like Super Jaime said, definitely something you might want to add to the wiki sometime ^^
  5. Demon Hunter

    How long have you been coming to DoomWorld?

    since about 2000, 2001 lol.
  6. Demon Hunter

    Obscure Sprite-Based FPS Games

    Heh, I actually own that game, you're right about the wild box art though.
  7. Demon Hunter

    Obscure Sprite-Based FPS Games

    I can believe that Redneck Rampage hasn't been included yet. I played a demo of that game on an old CD from some pc games magazine, and it was the most obscure thing I'd ever played. It seemed to have lifted the Duke 3D shamelessly too lol.
  8. Demon Hunter

    Elevator Fails

    This is the weirdest kink I've EVER seen o.o
  9. Demon Hunter

    A disgrace to Doom

    I've also seen one where they had two green imps as well, id really should be contacted about this, because they're pretty stealing their work right there lol. And holy crap thats awesome lol.
  10. Demon Hunter

    Doom in Flash

    Holy shit, this is actually pretty cool ^^ I didn't really know what to expect at first, but this is a really neat idea!
  11. Demon Hunter

    New Site: The Doom Movie Archive

    I think the sites a pretty cool resource for anyone wanting to replicate the stuff from the movie (ie building costumes and weapon props etc.)
  12. Demon Hunter

    Dark Knight, Two-face leaked.

    I'd shit bricks if I saw that walking around the set. Jesus those are some awesome makeup fx!
  13. Demon Hunter

    Chief Medical Officer's Audio Log

    Pretty cool stuff, it would turn out pretty cool as a script for a DOOM3 mod if a good voice actor is used :)
  14. Demon Hunter

    Merriam-Webster's 2007 word of the year is...

    "The years passed, mankind became stupider at a frightening rate. Some had high hopes the genetic engineering would correct this trend in evolution, but sadly the greatest minds and resources where focused on conquering hair loss and prolonging erections."
  15. Demon Hunter

    The Machine Girl..

    Christ, I saw this an another message I post on and at first i though it was a fake. After finding out the contrary, I must admit this is single most silliest thing I have EVER witnessed. Some Japanese cinema is quite entertaining lol :)