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  1. Rancid

    Doom references in other games

    Did somebody say Halo? Think about it: Doom 1 takes place out in a distant moon on mars Halo 1 of course takes place on the ring world "HALO" quite far away from earth Doom 2>>>>> on earth Halo 2>>>>> on the fuckin earth as well
  2. Rancid

    Metallica Recording

    i once heard from somewhere that whats his face Les Claypool of Primus auditioned for metallica at some point, dont know if its true or not but just some info. Woulda been fuckin awesome to have him up their instead of Trujillo
  3. Rancid

    What is the strangest CD you ever bought?

    Primus: Animals Should not try to act like people Who in their god damn mind writes a song about an icecube named Mary?
  4. Rancid


    AKA nothing ad-aware cant fix
  5. Rancid

    Movie: 32 Hours 7 Minutes

    While still exceeding 200 mph? what kind of idiot would even attemt that, this isnt freakin air force one ya know
  6. Rancid

    How much memory?

    u think advancing to 2 gigs is worth it?
  7. Rancid

    Jerky Movement - rubbish graphics card?

    the only problemu got is the graphics card, u exceed all other requirements
  8. Rancid

    Gamespy Review

    im in the process of getting a new computer to play this game at its full potential, frankly I dont pay that much attention to what critics have to say, everyone writes their own review So far i was able to play a choppy first level of soom 3 on my 1.7 256 mb ram pc. I knew that this game would not play well nor look stellar on my current machine, but my god i cant wait till i play it on a new rig. Why? Because you have to see the potential thats their for you to uncover, i didn't like what i saw from what i played because my PC sucks, it did not play the game as was intended, all i can say is that my god my life is gonna be over when the new rig gets here.
  9. played the shareware on a IBM Aptiva Pentium in '95
  10. Rancid

    TechnoBabel (image intensive)

    Looks tobe promising, nice job, u use Doom Editor to create?
  11. Rancid

    GBA Dooms?

    I had the game (Doom) up to the point where my GBA was stolen and for a fact, playing a FPS on an actual handhelp felt pretty cool, not to mention we're talking about Doom Certain things have to be cut, frankly it was all because of the developer in my mind since yes the game is cencored (has a Teen rating) and because of that it was probably meant for more of a profit since a broader range of gamers play teen games I liked what I played although the music was pretty bad, otherwise it filled my Dooming desire quite well especially since this was on the GBA
  12. Rancid

    Well, my friends....

    Pretty much speaks for me too, this place has made the long wait that much easier, checking in on what you guys find all over, its cool. Doom 3 is gonna be a blast, but as they say "You cant beat the original"
  13. Rancid

    Doom 3 theme song [FULL]

    Sounds like it doesn't fit, this isn't doom music
  14. Im not a hardware wiz but i was pondering what the big differneces between the line of X800 cards is. Like if its worth going the extra mile for the XT or sticking with the PRO. Gotta make a choice for DOOM 3, any advice would help
  15. Damn man, i cant even remember this. I had to be 5 or six back in 1996, played it on a friends pc. maybe a compaq or a dell. Was the full version but i think i dies like on map 3 or sumthing like that. I remember thinking the green ooze looked awefully fun to jump into