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  1. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    The /newstuff Chronicles #116

    Isn't that cramped. If you're kiling yourself with the rocket launcher, then try tactical fire ie. not firing at people at point blank range, and not firing at walls that are next to you =P
  2. SpinSpyder_KaK_


    He's also going to add new enemies. Man, looking at the source it's gonna be like a whole new game with the same rules.
  3. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Something about Skulltag

    In addition to the zdoom 1.22 obituary strings, there's also: OB_GRENADE for when you find in single-player that grenades hurt you OB_MPGRENADE for when you find out the same in multiplayer OB_IMPSTICK for when you fall on something pointy OB_SPACE for when you go where no man has gone before and find no air OB_R_SPLASH2 alternate for when you're killed by rocket splash damage OB_R_SPLASH3 same as above OB_ROCKET2 alternate for catching a rocket OB_ROCKET3 same as above OB_KILLEDSELF for when you use the kill command OB_FALLING for when you hit the ground hard and falling damage is on OB_EXIT2 when you hit the exit in a kill on exit game OB_R_SPLASHSEC for when you blow yourself up using the rl OB_ROCKETSEC same as above OB_SWITCH when you switch teams OB_CYBORG for when a cyborg gets you OB_MPROCKETSEC for getting hit with a rocket in multiplayer OB_MPPLASMARIFLE for being killed by plasma in multiplayer (grammar error in the default string for this, carney) OB_MPBFG_SPLASHSEC killed by bfg trace in multiplayer OB_CACOHITSEC being killed by a caco OB_BARONHITSEC alternate for being killed by a baron's slash OB_MPFISTSEC killed by fist in multiplayer OB_MPPISTOLSEC killed by pistol in multiplayer OB_MPCHAINSAWSEC killed by chainsaw in multiplayer (good one carn) OB_MPSSHOTGUNGIB gibbed by super shotgun in multiplayer OB_MPROCKETGIBSEC gibbed by a rocket in multiplayer OB_MPROCKETGIB same as above OB_MPROCKETGIB2 same as above OB_MPROCKETGIB3 same as above OB_MPROCKETGIB4 yes, another alternate OB_REFLECTION killed due to a reflection rune OB_MPG_SPLASH killed by grenade splash damage OB_G_SPLASH same as above but for single player OB_G_SPLASH2 same as above OB_G_SPLASH3 same as above OB_G_SPLASHSEC same as above I was going to include more of these, but the others are of things not yet in the game, and we wouldn't want to give all that away, would we carn? =)
  4. GOTPISTOL is the string name.
  5. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    View Patches page is b0rked...?

    The patches status says wolf1 and wolf9 aren't done while the display patches screen says differently.
  6. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    A few changes

    I'm good for sounds, I can make grunts, squeals, screams, and shouts of all races, classes, and sizes. Put me down for dsoof, dsboscub, dsbospn, and dsbospit for right now, I'll check out what the other sounds are and see if I could do a good replacement.
  7. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    A Chapter In The Fridge

    Say, isn't that what was said about Skulltag? And where is that right now?
  8. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Your ST wishlist

    I dunno, they're not too god-like to me, I think they're challenging, but I can beat them fairly consistantly. But yeah, you need to make them a little worse at aiming.
  9. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Your ST wishlist

    I have an idea for a new style of gameplay, slaughter mode! You have to score a certain number of consecutive frags (or get to a certain number of frags) in order to end the game, and the frags are tallied up, with 5 extra points for the person who scored the 5 consecutive frags, if there was one. If not, frags are tallied like normal. Also, you should have assault mode, like in Unreal Tournament. One team defends while the other attacks. The attackers must accomplish a set of goals while fending off the defending team to conquer the base. The defending team tries to frag them without getting fragged, in order to protect the base. The teams then switch, and the new attacking team must conquer the base in less time than the previous attackers did. Ooo! I just got another idea! Damn, I'm full of 'em. Hunter mode: You could have a game type where unarmed players, the hunted, run back and forth between two points at either end of the arena, and each touch to a point would gain them 3 points (as long as the point they touched was not one they just touched), but there would also be a player, the hunter, trying to kill them for 1 point each. Perhaps the hunter might have some sort of special ability too, like super jumping.
  10. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Dehacked files and Legacy

    I've been doing this for a while with Wintex. You select lumps, load the patch as a lump with the name DEMO1 so you can load it, then rename it to DEHACKED and there ya go. You can do the same with .bex files. Yep, I'm special.
  11. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    You know when you play Doom too much when...

    Here's 2 great ones that everyone missed. Sad thing is that I've done both... You are playing doom and your eyes hurt, because you haven't blinked in hours. You say 'T' before speaking.
  12. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Your ST wishlist

    You also need to add at least one level which utilizes polyobjects. I can make one like that if you want.
  13. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Your ST wishlist

    You need to add the invisible bridge thing from zdoom v1.23. That makes for much more interesting wad design, with the whole 3d thing made possible.
  14. SpinSpyder_KaK_

    Hey, there's an ST forum here!!!

    Hey doomboy, your shoes are untied. Your link to Doomworld is missing an l. Oh, and your fly is down.
  15. SpinSpyder_KaK_


    Nope, I'm not related to Doomboy.