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  1. Zygar

    How to play custom maps?

    Yeah, I figured out how to do it using the launcher - thanks though. I've started using jDoom anyway, it's so much nicer with the hires textures and the 3d models. Now I need to get it onto my schools computers for some old school deathmatch fun - and we don't have any cd-rom drives. Floppies it is then...
  2. Zygar

    How to play custom maps?

    Hi, I'm fairly new to the whole source port thing, and I have no idea whatsoever how to get custom maps to work with Doom Legacy. I'm trying to play some of the dwango maps multiplayer and can't figure out how to get it working in Legacy. Can someone help me out here? Thanks.
  3. Hey all, I got a Nostromo Speedpad n52 yesterday, it's great. I've made a Doom 3 profile for it and thought you guys might be interested in it. Here it is: http://zygar.co.nz/nostromo/profiles/Doom3.zip picture: http://zygar.co.nz/nostromo/images/doom3.png
  4. Zygar

    Has anyone else done this?

    I download a LOT of mods for games like UT2004. My UT2k4 directory, infact, is nearly 9gb.
  5. Zygar

    What the heck is an armor shard?

    Everyone knows that you EAT armor shards and it makes your skin harder.
  6. Zygar

    Has anyone else done this?

    I was, that's why I didn't notice that it was happening.
  7. Zygar

    New Doom info from QuakeCon (exp pack etc)

    An expansion? Awesome.
  8. Zygar

    Has anyone else done this?

    I had been recording footage in Doom 3 a a few days ago with Fraps. Now, I never restart my computer, and I forgot Fraps was running (not recording though.) Now, today, I was in Comms transfer in the crawlspace and I saw the skeleton. I took a screenshot, with F12. This was my fraps start recording button also. The game slowed down a tiny bit, but not noticeably cause my computer is l33t, so I didn't notice anything wrong. I encountered the chainsaw dudes, which was quite funny, especially the way they run around like spastics making gorilla noises while trying to cut you into pieces, I had a chainsaw duel with one and then tried to save. "Not enough hard drive space," it said. I was obviously confused so I exited Doom 3. Then I saw 2 new icons on my desktop. They were both avi files. I right click on one and sure enough, it's about 4gb, and the other one is about 1.5gb. I open them up and between them there is 1/2 an hour of footage! I thought it was quite amusing that I managed to use all my free hard drive space without noticing. So has anyone else done this?
  9. Zygar

    Parental Evilness...The REAL enemy of Dewm 3

    I've played Doom since I was 4.
  10. Zygar

    Upgrade question: Processor or Video Card?

    Personally, I'd advise getting a gigabyte of Corsair ram, because your vid card is fine, and so is your CPU. However, if you want to get another CPU, grab a 2500+ barton and overclock it to 2ghz. 3200+ speeds!
  11. Zygar

    Gamestop about to ship game?

    And it turns out that it was a computer error.
  12. Zygar

    Aussie Doom 3 release date!!!

    Here in New Zealand I'm getting it on the 3rd. So we're getting it before all the Americans! (timezones- the 3rd here is still the 2nd in the US)
  13. Zygar

    NOT a Intel vs AMD thread

    Go for the AMD, they're better for multimedia and gaming. P4's are better at maths work and video encoding.
  14. Zygar

    Maybe they shouldn't display concept art?

    I reckon the old Doom 3 logo looks better than the new one...
  15. Zygar

    You thieving bastard!

    I've preordered it and I'm getting it before alot of the other people here in NZ. gpstore.co.nz always has games a few days before retail stores like EB has them. My friend got UT2004 from them a week before I got my preordered copy.