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  1. Jacknife

    ONe Week of Hell

    The last mancubus sketch rocked.
  2. Jacknife


    I dunno, unless the game developers had mental disabilities or an extreme ego then they probably wouldn't claim something like that without really being able to back it up, after halo2 and halflife2 and doom3 took center stage in the gaming world. On an unrelated note, I don't think I've seen any screenshots for ROE. Are there any out there right now?
  3. Jacknife


    Theres a new game coming out from the creators of unreal called pariah. Head over to pariahgame.com to check out the trailor, I don't think its on television yet. It looks to me like this game is going to rock, but I don't know about better than Doom3 ROE. Anyway, the trailor says its the next generation of first person shooters. What do you think?http://pc.gamespy.com/pc/pariah/574389p1.html?fromint=1 Link to an article.
  4. Jacknife

    [Poll] Top5 "ToBeReleased" Maps in 2005?

    RTC hub 2 DV 2 Doom3 in Doom2 (if it comes out this year)
  5. Jacknife

    Christianity in Action

    Those idiotic nuns. I don't understand why some people take their religion so far as to contradict the very foundations of the religion itself. The bible says "love your neighbor as yourself" in the ten commandments, but doesn't say anything regarding converting unbelievers in the commandments. Such ignorance of their own religion is just stupidity. Although, perhaps they take that "love your neighbor as yourself" commandment so far as to thinking that they would rather have someone lead them to eternal salvation for the afterlife than offer relief in this life. That's the best explanation I can think of for the reasoning behind their idiotic methods. The nuns acted outside of the bible's teachings. The bible doesn't actually tell anybody to do things like that. I'm sure most christians out there would strongly dissaprove of what they did.
  6. Jacknife

    Doom 3. scary?

    One thing that could really make it scary, placing the monsters in different locations every time you start a new game, kind of like diablo. Just the nonscripted ones though. Also, the idea for a face showing up on the screen, taking up the whole screen would be pretty cool. It could be that if you don't kill a monster in like, 5 minutes, then a horrific face would appear on screen. Before it appears though, there would be demonic wispers that grow louder before it flashes onto the screen. But they wouldn't appear if there was an enemy near though, cause it would be really bad if you were in the middle of a battle then the face appears and causes you to get killed.
  7. Jacknife

    Doomworld's Idgames page

    I remember one wad where one of the reviewers actually asked how he was supposed to download the wad. Can't remember which wad it was though.
  8. Jacknife

    Wad Request

    There is a 5 star rating system you know.
  9. Jacknife

    Spongebob is gay

    Alright, so I skimmed over Scubas post since it was in all caps, I apologize. Just let me clear things up about my original post. I felt that that teaching tolerance to little kids is immoral, not that tolerance itself is immoral. I hope that makes sense, if not then there's really nothing else I can say. I know it seemed that I was taking a side, but I was just seeing the issue from the religious standpoint, since nobody was really was at the time. I haven't been watching the news lately so I didn't know about it being illegal to post something that is intollerant in school. I didn't realize how far the Supreme court went on this issue. EDIT: Has anyone noticed that this thread has been going on for over a day?
  10. Jacknife

    Evil Exposed Itself

    I feel that way about EA Games, since a lot of their games look pretty but suck. Namely that 3rd person bond game.
  11. Jacknife

    Spongebob is gay

    So children can be gay or lesbian? What age group are we talking about here? I was talking about it being shown in elementary school. Oh, and Scuba, I am aphalled by your intolerablity of other peoples opinions, whether they be by your moral standards or not. I'm also surprised that I'm being flamed by someone of your stature in this community. "Be civil. Someone is not asking for flames when they express an opinion you do not share, no matter how crazy it is. Flaming makes you hard to take seriously and it speeds the death of the thread. And if you are flamed, you are not required to flame back." -FAQ
  12. Jacknife

    The best car advertisement EVAR

    They're both fuckin hilarious.
  13. Jacknife

    mercenaries: playground of destruction

    Played the demo for it. Its pretty sweet from what I've seen. I'd buy it if I had any money.
  14. Jacknife

    Spongebob is gay

    Too damn tired of listening to this shit. I'm going to let this one slide. EDIT: I can only hope that when I wake up I'm not banned or have my title changed again, or sent to the Losers forum, or whatever.
  15. Jacknife

    Spongebob is gay

    Thanks, I didn't mean to start a huge religious arguement; but I couldn't let people get the wrong impression of me either. \ EDIT: One more thing about religious extremists though, my friend's grandma is one of those and she choked a jew to try and convert him. She also tries to break into stuff in his room. So pretty much I've been exposed to the bullshit of their kind, and people like her piss me off. True story.