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  1. Connor Reagan


    I wonder how my house wad would go with pi over 2.
  2. Connor Reagan


    Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Much appreciated!
  3. Connor Reagan


    Thanks man :)
  4. Connor Reagan


    Hey everyone. I've decided that this time I wanted to make a more structured map with multiple rooms rather than one big circular arena like the GREENHEL.WAD I made. I'm still fairly new to map making, and how to balance difficulty, enemy spawns, item placements. But those are things I'll be able to iron out over time. Hope you enjoy this one :) Sourceports Tested on: GZDoom Difficulty Recommendation: Hurt Me Plenty or Ultra Violence Music Track: This is a single map (MAP01) There is an exit this time around. Have fun getting to it though :D Link for the WAD: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jen285bhvgq8l2r/Festern.WAD.rar/file Images: The other image is the texture for the sky box. Feel free to use it.
  5. Connor Reagan


    The idea behind the ammo placement was to make it a trap after the projectiles, and make it almost like a bullet hell experience. I'm still learning map making though and there's always room for improvement. Thanks for trying anyway. As for the lag I had the same issue myself, not sure if it's all the placements or just gzdoom itself.
  6. Connor Reagan


    Hey there, glad that you enjoyed the WAD. I plan on making more, and the feedback has motivated me to keep going at it!
  7. Connor Reagan


    That's fine. Thanks for trying anyway.
  8. Connor Reagan

    Doom 3 in 2023

    I would also recommend Doom 3 Phobos. Fantastic mod. https://www.moddb.com/mods/phobos
  9. Connor Reagan


    Hey man, thanks trying it out :) i made it green to fit the sky box and the name of the wad.
  10. Connor Reagan


    Hey everyone, I'm new here, and have just recently started Doom map making, something I've wanted to do for quite but never really had the initiative until recently. Here is a large but flat slaughter map with thousands of enemies, and thousands more in projectiles. Which means that once the projectiles fly there will be a drop in performance, but should revert back to normal as the number of demons drop. As for balancing, there wasn't any, sorry. I made this mostly as a joke map, having fun and learning to make a map at the same time. Would recommend Hurt me Plenty or Ultra-Violence for difficulty of choice. As for testing, I used Doom 2 with Gzdoom. Music track used: Credits to the channel Romantique TP The map is single WAD (MAP01). Apologies if there are performance issues. I'm pretty new to the map making side of things and don't have an inkling yet in regards to doom 2's handling of particle counts. Hope you enjoy :) Also there's no exit. Here are some images, including the texture for the skybox. And a link for the files. https://www.mediafire.com/file/61oyn9o7qxfro92/GreenHel.rar/file