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    Gente por las dudas, por si a alguien le llega a interesar tengo un MIDI de jilguero de Spinetta y de romance del diablo de piazzolla... y un par más...
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  3. Otis Erdna

    Jaded [MBF21] (idgames)

    Loved it.
  4. Otis Erdna

    Torre Blanca (Boom Map)

    I love easy slaughter :)
  5. My first and probably last map as in has consumed an enormous amount of my time. Inspired by Holy Hell's big fights, I tried to make an arena shape that lets you see the spectacle of the whole crowd of enemies, while still playing similar to a flat arena (hence the pseudo paraboloid shape) Low effort easy short slaughter map, takes about 10 minutes to complete (difficulty was tuned to make it enjoyable for me, being a mediocre player) Single map, custom midis, uses OTEX for the snowy theme. Boom format, tested in DSDA doom, for Doom2 IWAD. Known issues: -Couldn't figure out how to make the midis louder, or if it's possible. -Missaligned textures (I don't care) I think that's all here's the wad for anyone who may be interested: NEW VERSION WITH FIXED (I hope) CLOSETS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/17iSfBvTq0D1RfRV3Zdfh-eAS-c16JJBc/view?usp=share_link I'm afraid this has made the fight considerably easier as the monsters mass to the center faster and it becomes circlestrafeable more quickly. The bad closets keeps them more evenly distributed all over the arena for longer at the cost of making the map annoying for better faster players. OLD VERSION: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jOcQo0kTy7LEK_M3gjDq1xBJlblygyHH/view?usp=sharing valle-demo.7z (UV max demo with intended strategy) Screenshots:
  6. Awesome, I really appreciate the feedback, I will try to fix those issues these weekend and reupload the wad. Thanks a lot for playing :)
  7. Thanks for taking the time to play my map, I'm very glad you enjoyed it :)
  8. Gameplaywise you're supposed to rocket through the imp crowd (or herd them and run around them) to get to the bfg, then U strafe in the western half while not dying until you run out of megaspheres, once you manage to get to the eastern side you've probably won. The doors leading to the exit open with switches in the cyberdemon pillars at the easternmost end, those cyberdemons can be crushed with switches where the archviles are. It works for me (DSDA complevel 9). The HOM is because I forgot to add that texture into the wad, will fix it and reupload today. Regarding the MIDIS: Title and intermission MIDIS: Amicus Meus and O Vos Omnes by Tomás Luis de Victoria, I got them from here (https://www.cipoo.net/) and changed the instruments, panning, and the tempos a bit. Map MIDI: Tenebrae Factae Sunt by Carlo Gesualdo, sequenced by me, feel free to use it. Thanks a lot for playing :)