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  1. sdfk


    My first finished map. It's designed for Ultimate DOOM and replaces E1M1, so it should boot up as soon as you run it. There are known graphical issues on Chocolate Doom that aren't present in GZDoom, I'm not sure why they happen but they don't impede the gameplay any. Also, monsters are more likely to get stuck in Chocolate Doom, turning them more into punching bags than immenent threats, likely a result of how packed together they are in their current state. The latter issue is also present in GZDoom, but to a much lesser extent. There are different difficulties, but they are reversed for Ultimate Evil. There is one secret, one that should be very easy to find. Download for the WAD is here, and a PNG preview is attached.
  2. me and my partner have been playing it since night of launch, for anyone who's sitting checking it out i recommend just getting it bc it is a Wonderful port imo (as someone who could only get winrottgl to work on my machine, it is infinitely better than that port). i think if anyones been having issues with multiplayer that might mainly be an issue with lack of players since this game is still pretty obscure so there aren't gonna be a ton of deathmatch servers up quite yet until there's a more sizable playerbase. regardless, singleplayer seems to work pretty much flawlessly and the only thing that comes close to a bug that i've personally found which feels even a little bit noticeable is the shrooms powerdown seeming to render in a way which feels wrong to me (altho i might just be wrong about how it renders in the original game lol)
  3. sdfk


    John.WAD's gonna sweep all of the oscars, a first for not just a video game modification, but for gaming in general. Truly, a feat unmatched in history
  4. sdfk

    What is ur favorite show

    i know a lot of people dunk on it, but it's probably steven universe for me, that show helped me a ton with getting through high school i haven't really watched a ton of tv in a long time tho, so i can't say i'm good at answering this question ^^;
  5. this is a really fun map ! the only complaint that i have is that there doesnt seem to be a way to get the orb in the one room (which might be intentional ?) but besides that it made for a good short time overall
  6. i started playing this one and its really fun so far ! i adore how, even though u get rushed a lot by enemies, its not really to a point that it becomes particularly frustrating, it makes for a really nice n fun experience ! i also am in love with the little custom friends the player can find in different areas. my only real complaint is that in the first level it feels like ammo pickups might just be the littlest bit sparse which can make firefights in the latter half of it a bit hectic as i kept running out of ammo, but besides that its been a really fun time (i got to "the real factory" which might be one of the two secret levels ?) and im gonna probably finish it tomorrow. ill also say that the secrets feel easier to find than normal for doom maps, but thats not really a complaint or issue i have, just an observation. also, the fake softlock in level two felt like something straight out of the fake softlocks in portal, genius stuff <3
  7. sdfk

    Do you like HOMs?

    i love hall of mirror effects in games, when i was in middle school and messing around in gamemaker i would make little visualiser programs that relied entirely on scrolling background textures i made and abusing a hall of mirror effect i could force the game engine to do, its such a beautiful thing to me even to this day
  8. this is a banger track ! gives me 90s midi vibes, in a very very good way ^v^
  9. sdfk

    Songs which seem to be infinite

    i dont know if this quite fits the required metrics of the question, but the ending part of "Hummingbird" by Seals & Croft (the part that repeats "don't fly away~") always feels like its longer in my memory than it actually is, like it feels like it should be a long chunk of the song when it's really only maybe a minute or something https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B412Ij9IAnc
  10. sdfk

    Used bleach to make a DOOM 64 shirt!

    this looks super rad !! i adore the raw look and texture the different splotches of bleach alongside the different tones from which spots got more bleach longer than others leave, i almost wanna say it looks visceral with just how much detail there is in the piece (i know its silly calling a shirt a "piece" but it really is the best term i have to describe it)