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  1. Take 1: The Kaiju War Version Map Name: [Kaiju Exterminators: Your one of them] Author: [ YagaCaw ] Music: [My War - Black Flag] Build Time: [4 hours Build plus minimal playtesting to verify can finish the map on all difficulties ] Co-op Starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [Y] Comments: [Genre: Action. Backstory: Oh you want to use the red elevator to go up? me too buddy,,, me too,,, but those rascals, the Kaiju, stole my only key this morning, and took it back to their sky lazer. I think they are trying to melt it, they are such rascals! Our Giant-Robot-Pilot Henry quit this morning to join a punk band, so nothing I can do here,,, but,,,, if you help me out by taking over his Shift,,, put in an honest days work for an honest-day's-pay-experience, then you can have the red Key after you pry it out of the cold dead claws of those jerks who stole my Stuff, Plus, you will have a good chance of surviving this with the satisfaction of protecting this Building from an annoying Kaiju infestation. So,,, what do you say there stranger-covered-in-Blood who walked off the elevator holding a large gun? You seem like a man who says yes to life's exciting and unexpected opportunities! Just sign this boilerplate legal waiver and Jump into that big robot round back, you hold them off for a bit while i stretch out my Hammies and do a shift on the Power generating Treadmill. Also,,, if you could kill any BroodSpawn they sneezed into our hanger this morning that would be Ideal as you are 4 hours late for your first shift, and they are starting to hatch,These things grow to the size of Buildings if they find a food source like a populated office building, or any City, So we better Hurry up then, chop chop!] Download Link: PUSSXXXIIIYagacawKaijuWar2.wad Screenshot: This was a very silly idea I hoped would be a speedmap that would not take the full 4 hours with mapping and leaving more time for playtesting and decoration. I spent a lot of time coming up with goofy Game Lore to explain my various music choices, and some time doing a quick sketch on paper beforehand, but used a stopwatch for any actual mapping in UDB. Turns out most of the time was underestimated so ideas for adding a Radar function or weapons power up sequence were scrapped for time. Bonus Alternative Music/Backstory Versions And just for Fun- here are 2 Alternate versions of this Map. These Wads have the same exact Level Data between them, the only thing different is the Music track played, the name of the level in mapinfo, and of course, the Levels backstory I make up for the Comments section to be a silly goose. Cuz life is all about writing and cashing happy checks, and I had so much fun imagining ridiculous backstories to fit in with my top 3 choices of Songs to score this Map to, that I Included them here as alternative options to be used in the MegaWad based on the project leads / curators preference. So please Use any Map that feels like it fits the narrative / tonal through-line of whichever level this level comes before or after in the WAD. But if this creates unnecessary decision paralysis - my first choice is KaijuWar.wad with 'Black Flag' music Cuz speed-punk fits really well with Rudys double punch animation all Berserked out. Take 2: The Love conquers all Version Take 3: The Pacific Rim Version Edit 12/20/23: Uploaded a newer version to address a critical bug that made it so 100% of kills should now be possible as monsters were stuck in the closets old files: PUSSXXXIIIYagacawKaijuWarV1.wad PUSSXXXIIIYagacawKaijuRomanceV1.wad PUSSXXXIIIYagacawKaijuPacificRimV1.wad
  2. Map Name: [Sleep Study Lab Z] Author: [ YagaCaw ] Music: [Passenger - Deftones] Build Time: [4 Hours] Co-op Starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [Y] Comments: [The TSA might have missed Rudy's starting gun, but they had to take his CPAP machine for the security of the Airport and the sky. but this Is not Die Rowdy 2 so no Airports here, just a quick stop to the "Z" Sleep Lab in Nakatomi Plaza to pick up a Red prescription card for a replacement medical device. Rudy needs his 7 hours of beauty sleep, and he was in the building anyway....] Download Link: PUSSXXXIIIYagaCawSleepStudyLabZV2.wad Screenshots: According to that Christmas song, the most wonderful time of the year, 'scary ghost stories' were a Christmas tradition whenever that song was written, so here is a short horror level balanced for difficulty on the easier side. Edit 12/13/23: Updated post with latest version to address some bugs Previous version: PUSSXXXIIIYagacawSleepLabZV1.wad Changelog for Version 2
  3. Map Name: [ The Corner Offices by the Atrium ] Author: [ YagaCaw ] Music: [I Want a New Drug - Huey Lewis and the News ] Build Time: [ 4 Hours ] Co-op Starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [Y] Comments: [The Executive Offices with an Atrium view are the most coveted. All those who occupy them refused anything less then a Corner office. that is why Nakatomi Plaza looks like a throwing star. Merry X-Mas From the board of directors and from our fearless leader: the Arch-vile hording all the red keys] Screenshots: [ ] Download Link: PUSSXXXIIIYagacawAtrieumViewV4.wad Oh man what a great idea for a speedmaping event! I might be inspired to create another level or two before the deadline. Already playing the other submission I am very excited for what this will become. It's very cool to have the narrative through line of taking on a building story by story. Ray Mohawk 2 is one of my favorite wads to play for having fun on a Doom Power trip, and Going Down is my favorite wad to test Weapon Mods with based on the Sheer amount of playful chaos that gets thrown at the player. So it was a total blast trying to merge those map ideas into what this is. I was going for an exploration type map that merged into slaughter at the players unrushed pace. This also was inspired by a sketch I did to figure out just how many corner offices I could squeeze into the Prefab. I ran out of time translating my sketch into UDB to do extensive playtesting so please let me know if you end up getting soft-locked or something when playing. Tested in GZDOOM. Edit 12/20/23: Final version before deadline to address Playtesting bug fixes, sorry about all the bleeding pixels I ran out of time before fixing! old version PUSSXXXIIIYagacawAtrieumViewV3.wad changelog -made sectors higher by the stairs to fix visual glitch seen from the red door platform -removed the secret from the plasma room Edit 12/13/23: Fixed critical bug where windows were being shown as a glitch when run on GZDOOM with software rendering, and also changed one texture in the only outside room without windows as it was rendering very oddly in that rendering mode as well. This was the previous version prior to this edit: PUSSXXXIIIYagacawAtrieumViewV2.wad Edit 12/9/23: Post Bug fixes to the map: Made some minor bug fixes and gameplay adjustments based on player feedback, here is the changelog and the old version that was in the original post First posted version: PUSSXXXIIIYagacawAtrieumViewV1.wad Change log: Changed the Arch-vile fight teleport mechanics so now it looks like the Arch-vile transforms into a Barron instead of both of them getting teleported to the Atrium Made half the waterfalls fall from the ceiling to provide more strategic options for the players and monsters Added extra Plasma Ammo for the last fight removed a section that was outside the footprint of the Building so it does not violate the sprite or rules of the event Removed decorations for better movement flow Changed lighting on the surprise monster rooms adjusted misaligned textures Added missing Blast sections for the outside windows so rockets don't fly through the glass Adjusted the difficulty settings so higher tier monsters are in the medium difficulty which is displayed as Hard on the menu
  4. Quick Update: In my enthusiasm to post the demo before the end of month for NaNoWADMo, I seem to have left some glaring bugs, Mostly all the missing textures when the Doom2 IWAD is used to play “freedoom: the movie” As i had not realized during dev that the Freedoom IWAD was not one-to-one but had extra textures not found in doom2. So I reskinned a lot of the level and I Fixed some bugs and updated the file in the version in the original Post. Sorry about that y'all. I'm still a beginner with the GZdoom engine and mapping in general. Also updated the original Post with credit for any art assets not created by me. Next time I bump this Post Shall be with more Levels of the final game and not just bug fixes. Changes in Demo V2 Fixed the Missing textures and flats in “Freedoom: The Movie” when using the Doom2 IWAD, now all missing textures are stylistic choices. Removed Debug voodoo doll in the Computer Core Fixed Broken Textures in Alien Bird Throne Room Made the walls unpassable so you can't fall off the side of Throne room anymore Front desk blocks all at laser tag arcade now Fixed wall height on buildings in Meat mountain area so it doesn't look off by a story Added decorations to make secret easier to find with changed textures Fixed missing blood trenches
  5. Title: Midnight Movie Marathon: Spooky Sequel Season File: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FrbyWm3qp-J1BLkp6PA1HcK0S8UCRNHN/view?usp=sharing Format: A game for the GZDOOM engine with UDMF format that uses the Doom2 IWAD or Freedoom2 IWAD as a base. Description: Happy Halloween Doomworld! For your entertainment I present my project for NaNoWADMo with how far it has come so far. My project for NaNoWADMo 2023 Is A love letter to Midnight movies and Movie theaters in general, and a tribute to my specific local non-profit art deco Theater that has an annual tradition of a Horror movie marathon the Saturday night before halloween from Midnight to Midday. It's also an attempt at a next gen reimagining of a project I did 2 years ago on a more primitive game engine then GZDOOM. If you would like to check out the “Prequel” it's here and plays more like Wolf3D https://bcawley.itch.io/midnight-movie-marathon So Far the Demo is one level long and Contains two “Levels” Doom As Well and FreeDoom: the Movie “Doom as well” is a tribute to the Doom 2 IWAD and all that makes it unique from the Doom 1 IWAD. It was originally a Speedmap for PUSXXX, now reimagined with the dialogue I always wanted to be there, but was constrained by it not being UDMF format. “Freedoom: The Movie” Is my attempt to give a coherent backstory to the assorted Art assets of Freedoom V0.11.3 by turning it into a visual novel Lovecraftian detective story. I promise I did not plagiarize the plot of Freedoom because I don't know what it is Feedback is always greatly appreciated, especially for this first demo release. I plan to work on the next three levels for the end of November. Enjoy the Show! Edit: Additional Screenshots Folder link as I forgot about the size restrictions on Posts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iT-eyj-4kbdr-ArQWQWKoMe66SiBW84f?usp=sharing Edit 11/3: Updated Game file to fix a few critical Bugs and changed the screenshots so Its a link to a google drive folder. Also as this slipped my mind the first time I posted this, Here is Credit for Art Assets I used in this Project that I did not create Erik Satie - Gymnopédie No. 1 - Midi Alien Ant Farm - The Movies - Midi System of a Down - Violent Pornography - Midi KNIGHTRIDER OF DOOM - Fight to the end - Midi KNIGHTRIDER OF DOOM - The NeverEnding Sunset - Midi Tormentor667 - NIGHTMARE ANIMATIONS PACK - Textures Freedoom V 0.11.3 - Various textures and Midi files
  6. Happy Halloween Yall! here is the published work of how much i got done in a Month. Very fun and starting right away on more!
  7. Additional update to the second Doom As well And for Fun I added an Intercom so the Antagonist of 'Doom As well' a tribute to the Doom2 IWAD taunts the player the closer they get to the Boss. The Dialogue assumes the player is not using the Freedoom IWAD so whichever IWAD the player uses they will have one side quest catered to the art style, and one side quest that will be weird and chaotic and silly Screenshots:
  8. Additional update to the first Freedoom: The Movie This is a side quest that assumes the player is using the freedoom IWAD to play the game. Its a Cosmic horror film noir detective story with first person narration. Screenshots:
  9. One week to go! I'm hoping to release the first 3 levels of a 11 level long game I'm making On Halloween. Appropriately the theme of my Game is horror movies and cult movies in general. So Far The Hub world is complete which is a 3 screen movie theater. The first 2 optional side quests will make up the bulk of the first level. A Tribute to the Doom2 IWAD is complete and the Tribute to the Freedoom2 IWAD is halfway done with planed content. Here are some screenshot of what's their so far the Ghoulidge Corner Theater The game will take place here during a Midnight horror movie marathon. Some levels will be movie trailers, others full movies, some will be Intermissions where the player can take on optional side quests in the other 2 movie screens other then the main one Screenshots:
  10. I am also amused that there's four themes and half of them are City. All joking aside @IDGam3r Your ambitions sound as grand as mine at times. I would often get overwhelmed by the scale of my own plans and would eventually get frustrated and drop the project for something else. Something I found useful was to Participate in a Speed-mapping community project. (Shout out to Pineapple Under the Sea Speedmaping) You can have fun making maps, get your confidence up as a mapper, Then you can better know what you need to accomplish your goals, and what you can realistically produce. I was intrigued by the boldness of your request to take applications for what is essentially a small software company you wanted to create. So I checked out your post history and it looks like you tried to do something like this 8 years ago but nothing came of it. I would not want to volunteer my time for something unlikely to be anything that also doesn't seem different from the ID Doom games enough to be interesting. Also maybe its because your tone is reminding me of past Project mangers, but it feels less like you want to collaborate with others then you want them to create your vision for you. Good luck with whatever you end up doing!
  11. Yagacaw

    Any Doom-related dreams?

    If you have ever played Map01 of Ancient Aliens you will have skillsaw set a pleasent mood for you, drug you, then face fuck you with a cyberdemon. Not surprising he's showing up in dreams.
  12. Map Name: [Lunar Beach Sanitation Engineer Simulator] Author: [ Yagacaw ] Music: [Devilzwork - Obey The Worm] Format: [ Boom ] Build Time: [ 45 Minutes + whatever time for the text and import midi] Co-op Starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [N] Gimmicks: [Fly Me to the Moon! / Cheese Me, Daddy! / Gore n' Bones / I Hate Sand ] Comments: [Enjoy this relaxing Beach cleaning simulator on the Moon. When you are ready for the next beach to clean, find your Supervisor Moonbathing on the island's far side ] Screenshots: [ ] LunarKrakan.zip
  13. No preference here, put it wherever you feel best where it won't be confused with the maps done in an hour. I'm happy how it turned out but I had a little to much fun exploring the texture pack and lost track of time. Gonna challenge myself once more to Do a map in under an hour that uses simple textures.
  14. Map Name: [Son on Orgazmo] Author: [ Yagacaw ] Music: [Wade Culbreath - Jive Coffee] But in case Jazz Midi's from the internet is not OK for this, this alternative song works just as well and is included in the WAD Alternative Music: [KNIGHTRIDER OF DOOM'S - Power of the Majestic Sword of Holy Dragon Light] Format: [ Boom ] Build Time: [ 60 minutes mapping + 120 minutes of map Polish over the initial ruff draft I had after 60 minutes cuz I super underestimated how long it would take to add the decoration I felt the need to add after initial time expired, My Bad! ] Co-op Starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [N] Gimmicks: [Singular Focus / XXX / Cheese Me, Daddy! ] Comments: [Story: The Son of Orgazmo (Player One) must take a break from his two year Mission to wield his fathers Orgazmorator (BFG) to save The Son(s) of Choda Boy (Player Two / Three / Four) from the Son of Neutered Man and his Sexy Rouges Gallery! (song drops in) Now you're a man! a manly manly man! you are now a man!(song fades away) Note: The BFG is the Gun from the movie 'Orgazmo' in this wad, therefore, Monsters who look like they are killed by the BFG are actually napping post orgasm. Gibbed enemies are still dead due to gore explosion however, So be careful while you are blasting out all those pleasure beams. This gibbed rule applies for the Berserk in this wad as well. Monsters killed with your gun are killed for real, and that can land you in Spooky Mormon Hell if your killed mid rescue mission, so be careful! Have fun dispensing Sexy and Safe XXX Justice! ] Screenshots: [ ] SonOfOrgazmo.zip
  15. Map Name: [ Bargain Bin Doom Clone] Author: [ Yagacaw ] Music: [ KNIGHTRIDER OF DOOM's Fight to the end] Format: [ Boom ] Build Time: [ 60 minutes mapping + 90 Minutes for music and Text etc] Co-op Starts: [Y] Difficulty Settings: [N] Gimmicks: [ Family / Darkness! / Zorglos Back ] Comments: [An Idea I had from a previous project, Picked a Spiral theme so I could stop creating the level outwards when 60 minutes alarm triggered. Story: Froggo of Project C.H.I.P.M.U.N.K. heard Vin Diesel is in an un-escapable trap! Set to be Executed At the Toretto Family Private Prison and Cybernetic Enhancement Spa. But no Prison Can hold Vin (P1) / Riddick (P2) / Xander Cage (P3) / Bloodshot (P4) ! ! ! ! Froggo Called in a favor with Zorglo to Give the Diesel Family a fighting chance. Just return One year hence with your world's best cup of Coffee as Payment ] Screenshots: [ ] BarganBinDoomClone.zip
  16. Count me as this sounds like a lot of fun and perfectly timed with spooky season. I was thinking of doing a reimagining of an old Raycaster game engine game I made years ago to the GZDoom engine. This way I can compile the textures and custom monsters into a resource pack and wait till Oct 1st to do any mapping.
  17. I'm Only 5 maps in so far but what an adventure! Am a little on edge As I just failed a few times to not get killed in your Wad. Specifically the ghost level, very cool use of Doom 64s Game engine. I love how each level has a distinct feel and tone as a lot of the original D64 levels felts like a slog at times. And thank you for including the Bat files to One click play, I will Download the Doom 64 source port eventually, especially seeing what cool things can be done with the engine, but loved how it used my Steam version without Calibration on my end, very user friendly!
  18. Yagacaw


    Buzzer beater! CremasterThreeishDirectorsCut.zip Edit: first post was to get the wad file in last minute, edit to explain the changes Title: Cremaster Threeish* *: This version is The Unrated Directors Cut With Bonus Content The censors and unnamed establishment did not want you to see! Artist: YagaCaw Music: D_ddtblu (ID software) Sky: SKY2 Medium (mapping format): UDMF GZDOOM required Difficulty Settings: Only In the Directors Cut Version was I allowed to implement Ultra Violence and every other difficulty Build Time: 40+ versions Additional Content in this version -Added 'The Frog Wife's Lair' Collage +Found in museum gallery with Wads only secret +Collage was made during August Crunch. See what i made instead of the museums missing content +Collage contains secret second collage on the back of the photos frame +second collage contains Blurry black and white photo i found in a thrift store book, is the Blurry figure a Ghost? is this Wad now Haunted? make it to the Frogs wife lair to find out! -Added final Art Installation that is this fictional Art Museums "Real Ending" called "Janus 2: Venus" -fixed bug in "Parlor" of missing script error -Added Difficulty settings, you can now Visit the Museum on any other difficulty settings -Swapped out Parlors Script for this Version and All previous Versions +Parlor is no longer a visual novel set in a Lovecraftian hellscape with heavy themes of obsession and madness +Its now a walking simulator light-hearted comedy that sometimes is an erotic thriller +Kind of like how they made the movie "Wake up Ron Burgundy" using only deleted scenes from "Anchorman" Screenshots of Parlor as it is now Well here is the final version of my submission, It has been a lot of fun creating what this turned out to be and its given me a lot of ideas going forward. I am looking forward to playing all the submission so far, but I might be slow with that part. Seems like a healthy thing to do right now as I am shocked its now September so should probably unplugged from the computer for a bit. Cheers!
  19. Yagacaw


    Oh good I got it just under the Original Deadline fingers crossed... Enjoy what this turned out to be! This is either my final entry, but knowing me im going to create a 'directors cut' version with the last 2 days... will see what happens! been a whole lot of fun making this... hope y'all like it! Changes since the last version +13 more versions +Added 'Doom Too' art installation to the Museum some other stuff too i forgot about 4 player Co-op now supported Title: Cremaster Threeish* Now featuring 'Doom Too' in addition to Parlor and Janus* Artist: YagaCaw Music: D_ddtblu (ID software) Sky: SKY2 Medium (mapping format): UDMF GZDOOM required Difficulty Settings: Not applicable Build Time: 39 versions CremasterThreeishV39.zip Edit: I forgot all about the text i added to the 'Parlor' Script also forgot to add screenshots, so here is a sneak peak of the Grim Lovecraftian walking simulator 'Parlor' Spoilers For parts of Parlor Bellow
  20. Yagacaw


    Has it been 13 more versions already? I have been having lots of fun doodling, but the 13th son of the 13th son with 7 days to go felt like the right time for the next version of my submission. Will not be the last, I say that now, but who knows! Title: Cremaster Threeish* Now featuring Parlor in addition to Janus* Artist: YagaCaw Music: D_ddtblu (ID software) Sky: SKY2 Medium (mapping format): UDMF GZDOOM required Difficulty Settings: Not applicable Build Time: 26 versions Comments: Whats new in this Version from Last: +Added New Art work for the Galleries, +Added titles for the art work +Added Perspective Booths to increase replay value and art appreciation +Added additional Red rooms behind the Imp Counter +Modified the stair cases to Hide the seems of the teleports better +Created new Collage inspired from this WAD, named 'Cremaster Threeish' appropriately +Added Parlor stub house for setting of GZDOOM visual novel +Added Story and Lore totems to Parlor house -Still Missing the ability to talk to the NPCs in Parlor -Hopefully this motivates me to get to deliver the first chapters end of this doom visual novel/walking simulator in 7 days, The other game mentioned is a pipe dream that i am willing to wait for, will focus last 7 days to clean up and endless noodling, Wad File: Requires DOOM2.wad GZdoom.pk3 and Custom art pack for this project CremasterThreeishV26.zip Screenshots:
  21. Yagacaw

    Monkey Business (One Map Demo)

    I loved this Map! cant wait for you to release map2 as the screen shots look great. I loved the cuteness of the Monkey Sounds replacing the Doom guy grunts and pain sounds so much I played through Underhalls with the hidden rocket launcher from your level. Speaking of secrets, I was able to find that secret very easily with the AutoMap, not sure if that was your intention to have the secret area show up on the map, as I liked the more beginner friendly quality of life touches you added, like having the monster face away and be using sound blocking lines so new players can plan there attacks without feeling overwhelmed by all the monsters in the level waking up and rushing you. If it was the intention well done, but if you intend the secret to be harder to find you can set line defs to 'not shown on automap' for the room with the cute cat picture. Also really enjoyed the drawing at the end level screen, well done!
  22. Yagacaw


    Title: Cremaster Threeish Artist: YagaCaw Music: D_ddtblu (ID software) Sky: SKY2 Medium (mapping format): UDMF GZDOOM required Difficulty Settings: Not applicable Build Time: 13 versions Comments: Welcome to The Gablogian Museum of Fictional Art. I based this fictional building of The Guggenheim in NYC, and named it after a twice fictional character. Mathew Barry set his Art Movie Cremaster 3 in the Guggenheim and it is Bonkers level wild, I was inspired to see what kind of wild shit i could do, but also to make a commentary about Stuffy institutions like art museums: why is the hoarded junk of dead kings displayed in giant buildings? and why do school trips keep sending kids there to be bored out there skulls? what makes some art worthy of being displayed next to giant marble columns? Can the world of art Museums exist without the wealthy patrons who seem to be using High Art as a way to cheat on there taxes? So I thought: what if the Art itself could change and give meaning to the building its displayed in, instead of the opposite? Lets find out shall we! Note: This is either my final entry into this project and will serve as a warning for being overambitious, or the first third of my project plus the Fictional art Museum that gives the project context. If I don't update after this, and August 29th passes, then its the former. I was going for a non violent Mod that would be a living Collage, and in the Spirit of Collage, anyone is free to use this wad or any assets found for your own creative projects. Wad File: Requires DOOM2.wad GZdoom.pk3 and Custom art pack for this project CremasterThreeish.zip Screenshots:
  23. Yagacaw


    Great Art Piece! At 11:30 I realized time is valuable when I had IDDQD on and I probably should have gone to bed a while ago as it was 3AM at that point. This is a great Idea for a Community event and I am making progress on my submission. When not making doom maps I make Collages with found objects, I am excited about the possibilities GZDOOM engine to make new Collages Interactive via Player choice. According to Wikipedia that falls under the guidelines of Modern Art: "According to the Guggenheim Museum's online art glossary, collage is an artistic concept associated with the beginnings of modernism, and entails much more than the idea of gluing something onto something else". Video games allow an active conversation between Artist and the Audience that is unique among all other forms of media. I like the term Hypermodern Art to describe art works like 'House of Leaves', 'Everything Everywhere All at Once', 'Myhouse.wad'; where active engagement with the Art by the audience will change the nature of the Art itself, I hope my contribution is viewed in a Hypermodern context. @BluePineapple72 This is my First Community Wad Contribution and I am learning SLADE and UDB, so please forgive the ignorant questions: Is it assumed that the resource pack you provided 'PUSS29 Hot Soapy Water - Resources.pk3' will be a dependency of the total project, or should I add the Textures I did use from that patch into my Texture and Patch tables so you don't have to hunt in each Wad what textures were used? I have been adding a lot of Custom Textures but for sake of Repository Merging use the Prefix "YAGCAW" for all my custom assets. Hopefully should make things easier. Thanks for the Inspiration!
  24. Yagacaw


    That was a Fun wad, I liked the design of the Room with the fractured floor, the rising circular lift to make you jump off to higher platforms was an interesting idea. My favorite fight was the area with the double barreled shotgun, able to open up all the doors and use the verticality and infighting. The combat was fun and balanced, but I was able to cheese a lot of fights like the cliff with machine gunners and mix of other monsters by standing just outside the door. Things I noticed that could be Improved are the texture alignments, going from some stairs to flat floors the walls have the same textures but are not vertically aligned, It also helps to have door frames as separate textures so it doesn't look like the wall just ends. I thought parts had excessive symmetry like the duel hell knights switches staircases. Theses complaints are mostly aesthetic, but it can make the level feel more real, can get lost in it more if I cant see the seems so to speak. You did good with monster placements and engineering interesting fights, It was a real blast, thanks for sharing.
  25. Here's an Idea for Map 7, Maybe after leaving the Vancouver mall you wander to a hockey rink, Where you face off against 2 Mancubi with you at center ice and the Mancubi as the Goalies on each side of the Rink, held in of course with monster blocking line defs so they can shoot you but cant leave the net. Assuming your using the Doom2 wad you can have section 666 drop once the Goalies are dead opening up the way for the Zmboni, or a flood of Arachnotrons to the untrained eye. A nice Vancouver twist on Dead simple. Also if your having difficulty coming up with so many different ideas you could always break down the Wad into episodes like Eviternity, You have 5 ideas already listed and it could be a less daunting workload for motivation. Edit: other ideas: 3 pinkies on one side of Rink and 3 specters on other to act as opposing teams and also as meat shields for first volley of Mancubus fireballs, can do 5 v5 for higher difficulties. player can hot start in center of Rink either by teleport from locker room or just start there, If the stadium is very large can have lost souls in the far distant roof rafters, give a clock to the player to keep moving, plus it would look cool to see those things flying towards the Rink from the back section. Cover for the fireballs and plasma coulkd be the 2 Goal nets, could also but weapons and ammo behind each one to encourage constant movement.