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  1. goddard

    GDC Award For Carmack

    I don't quite understand them, because he actually implemented a lot of stuff from computer graphics and advanced it in some cases.
  2. goddard

    Do the Doom... Movie

    It should be filmed in Prague. I donĀ think that Prague has any scary exteriors (I'm from Czech Republic) except the tube, public toilets and homeless peoples (lost souls? :)) ) I don't know who's the man that call himself "Rock", but due to your comments, he is deather than death;) May be it's the right thing for movie like D3:)) Has he got a big tits?
  3. goddard

    There is Not a Human Head in My Fridge

    Matrices aren't very nutritious. I know better things to eat, especially for breakfast;)
  4. goddard

    There is Not a Human Head in My Fridge

    Math? Isn't it a language behind all around us? 3+ years skills missing...:)
  5. goddard

    Classic-er Gameplay for Doom 3

    Interesting remake, not copy.
  6. goddard

    Son Of Carmack

    Congratulations! It's done!;) I think that he believes only in himself, but we don't know if he's God or the Evil...o)
  7. goddard

    ATi Doom 3 Hack/Fix

    Why blindly? Everything is complicated. But what about the D3 and HL2? What do you think?
  8. goddard

    ATi Doom 3 Hack/Fix

    Does it mean that hardware vendors don't know how is their hardware powerful? They make only a particular optimalization. Does it mean that if you want to play D3 and HL2 on the same hardware you have to use different drivers version? OK, John could write it in another fashion, but earn is only few frames per second. There's no reason for use rough power. Still cannot catch the point...
  9. goddard

    ATi Doom 3 Hack/Fix

    Lookup tables are faster than using a function and recalculate values every time its needed. You spend too much time in this function. May be except if using a bit shift and calculate exponentialy (pow() function). There is a reason for using tables - optimization. ATi can reach better performance only by rewriting the drivers. I think here's something strange in ATi. If they have so powerful hardware, why they don't show its power from start? Why they have to wait for engine that pushes their drivers on the edge and then write new drivers... Some kind of marketing strategy? Some kind of optimalization? Do we need new drivers for every new title? ATi is very strange company.
  10. goddard

    ATi Doom 3 Hack/Fix

    the guy tweaking the shaders is not a genius. You can find these informations in iterview with John. He speaks about functions that affects the shaders (textures, surfaces...) and about lookup table. Nothing surprising;)
  11. goddard

    ATi Doom 3 Hack/Fix

    Interesting. ATi owners have to tweak the game to get the performance:)
  12. goddard

    Doom 3 [H]ardware Guide

    There can be a problem. If D3 requires GF3 as the minimum that is capable to process the rendering system. GF3 is the first GPU with programmable pipeline (it can perform both pixel and vertex shader programs). These programs define how objects in scene are lited and deformed. Question is: Can we really disable shadowing in this advanced technology? (advanced = future, superior, Carmacks...)
  13. goddard

    Doom 3 [H]ardware Guide

    OK, I think that we can tweak D3 in console, so we can move performance from texture to texture by shifting between the compression levels thus the result can be surprising... Nice work! As many people here I'm glad that low setting looks good.
  14. goddard

    Doom 3 Hit By Software Patents

    Seems like any dumb thing can patent my technology... However, engines are complex and one method cannot save the world. If Creative patented the result, it's bad. You can have several algorithms which performing the same things. Then my next step is to patent the reality:) Now Creative looks like totally brainwashed company. JC: "God may sue us for infringing on his exclusive right to reality." That's right John, but you should sue Creative for infringing on your exclusive right to think in way you are. What they will patent next?