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  1. sandmanfvr

    Greatest Victory

    Beating Doom II including the secret levels without cheating.
  2. sandmanfvr

    why doom?

    Well I am 27 and have played games since DOS and the Atari 2600. No game has changed my life and how I enjoyed/experienced games like Doom. I played Doom till I beat the game and without cheats. I played it on the a 486 DX4 100 mmz machine and 32 megs of ram. Good old DOS days where you typed the command in to play the game. Then I went to Doom II and that was even better than Doom was. Doom II consumed my life till I beat every level, including the two secret levels, without cheat codes. Why does Doom still appeal? The atmosphere and the sheer experience. Hell, I can still crank Doom up and use the OpenGL to make the graphics nicer and STILL get scared and startled since I can't and don't remember all the monsters. That is a quality game. Now with Doom 3 and Resurrection of Evil, it is even better. The graphics bring the game to the level that we can really believe in what we see on the screen but the scare factor and the atmosphere is still the same. I have been in college and just finished up and I am now finishing ROE. Doom just beats ANY other gaming experience. You come away from the game shaken and you feel like you yourself have been through a war. No game makes you feel this way, NONE. Halo is good, but can't compare. Half Life 2 was really good and pulled you in with a terrific story, but the game is still under the quality level of the Doom series. After all this time and all the Doom rip offs *cough* Half Life *cough*, Doom and the entire Doom series is still held as one of if not the best game series ever. Long live Doom *goes and waits for the new remake of Hell on Earth*
  3. sandmanfvr

    Doom 3. scary?

    First off, Doom 3 is very scary but it is up to the player to quit nit picking the game and immerse themselves in it. I think if people would just sit down, crank the volume up, and then think like the character they are playing then they would at least be "pumped up" from all the crap that the main character is going through. Sure the game isn't terrifying like you can't sleep, but it is nerve racking and fun as hell. Well Quake 4 IS coming out so their statements are crap. I mean no offense to Carmack, but stating "We will not make Doom 4 or Quake 4" is dumb because they are a company out to make money just like everybody else. Now if you go to IGN or some other site, you can look up Quake 4. No Doom 4? Whatever, they will make a Doom 4 or at least a new and final chapter of Doom 3 where it is the Hell on Earth story guaranteed. I am just waiting for it to come about.
  4. sandmanfvr

    Resurrection of Evil details

    I would end the expansion with the invasion of earth and just cut it off. Heh heh
  5. sandmanfvr

    Resurrection of Evil details

    So do you think this will be a prequel and a sequel? Would be nice to see a few things before hell broke loose.
  6. sandmanfvr

    Resurrection of Evil details

    In FPS, ID was the first. So valve copied an original in the FPS arena. This debate could go on for years, but that is my opinion. ROE looks to be great. Can't wait to get it. I hope it does lead to a BIG Hell on Earth expansion. :)
  7. sandmanfvr

    Resurrection of Evil details

    Well lets see: Doom: Messing with portals causes aliens/demons to invade mars. Small and contained incident, thought to be the end of the story. Half Life: Messing with portals causes aliens to invade earth. Small and contained incident, thought to be the end of the story. Doom II: Not over yet, invasion is spread to the entire world. Half Life 2: Not over yet, invasion is spread to the entire world. Doesn't matter that there is small changes such as where it happened, or who is invading, HL is a copy of Doom. End of story.
  8. sandmanfvr

    Resurrection of Evil details

    I don't see all the bitching. I haven't been here in a while and find out about the expansion. I saw some scans of the PC Gamer mag, and it looks great. Plus I LOVE THE HL RIP OFFS!!! Fucking Half Life was and always will be rip off of the great Doom. Valve took the whole concept of Doom and re did it. Yeah they put in a deaper story, but come on. Hell, HL2 (though it is fun from what I heard) is so Doom II. The invasion hits earth. Pifff. Wow valve, nice original concept. As far as the expansion, bring it on!
  9. sandmanfvr

    Why lose guns?

    Story people, story. Betruger activated the teleporter and like said on page 1 of this thread, the portal reached out and got you and thus only took you and no weapons, to be evil. Duh.
  10. sandmanfvr

    After beating the game.

    No offense, but don't you think it would insult anybody when you are jealous of something they worked hard for and bought with their hard earned money? Comments like that, whether you assumed me a noob or not, aren't needed. On my spelling and such, I suck at spelling and when I type my hands go faster than my mind alot, so mistakes are abound. I usually edit a post a few times. Anyway back to the conversation. What is DSM? (maybe a stupid question)
  11. sandmanfvr

    After beating the game.

    Well in the interviews, ID is doing a new project but you know they aren't stupid. I mean Doom is their baby. Doom revolutionalized FPS and gaming. They will make a new one, may be a while, but they will.
  12. sandmanfvr

    After beating the game.

    Excuse me, noob? I played the original Doom games in DOS. I am 26, about to get my BS in Computer Science and have a nice job. Don't be jealous cause some work their ass off and can get things. Plus ever heard of financing? Bestbuy has 6 months same as cash on the 6800 GT so I got it. I am not a noob/newb, you are just a whiney little bitch that needs to shut up and stop ragging on others cause you can't afford something. (No I don't think I am better than others, but I do work hard and if I can buy something, then I can. Deal with it.)
  13. sandmanfvr

    After beating the game.

    Ok, just beat it last night (took more time than I liked with my shitty schedule). Well the game was awesome, worth the wait and man it looked incredible on my 6800 GT. It will be a game to last a long time. Now I have a few thoughts. 1) Boss battles. Was it just me or the boss battles not really that hard? I played on Marine and I think I should have played on Verteran but I thought the game would be incredibly hard. The real disappointment was the Cyberdemon. He was awesome, it was a nice idea of a last fight, just to damn easy. 2) There has been comments on no Spidermastmind or the mechanical spiders. Well when I got to the end of the game I saw these spiders that had telekenetic powers and really were tough, but not a boss. I had never seen that on any site. Did ID replace the Spidermastermind with the first boss and the mechanical spiders with these smaller counterparts? I think so. 3) Deruger(sp?). In the end he is "part of" that dragon. Now is he dead like "well the doomguy beat us so you are toast" or is it that he just evolved to that dragon and is ready to take it out on earth in a later installment? Just a some things I though of. Comments?
  14. sandmanfvr

    Interesting thing about the oxygen

    Forcefields. Just like in Star Trek and Star Wars.
  15. sandmanfvr

    After beating the game.

    EDIT: See below. Mods: WHY have the delete option if we can't delete?