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  1. sambobbilly

    Icon of Sin

    HAHAHA... that the funnyist thing i ever heard, wher'ed u read that, can u give me a link?
  2. sambobbilly

    Doom3 demo

    your more of a man if u use your flashlight most of the time instead of Nervously having your gun out at all times
  3. sambobbilly

    What was Doom 3's biggest flaw?

  4. sambobbilly

    Favorite Doom Weapon

    UVE USED THE UNMAKER?! HOW THE FUCK DID USE DO THAT (im hoping the unmaker isnt that crappy claw tingy)
  5. sambobbilly

    Why lose guns?

    half life 2 anyone?
  6. sambobbilly

    Doom 3 & Athiesm

  7. sambobbilly

    I want an expansion

    COUNTER STRIKE yea go play counterstrike u gayboy
  8. sambobbilly

    Doom 3 monster redesigns

  9. sambobbilly

    Playing old Doom on DooM3 CD??

    'evil dad'....your kid must be Embarrassed supose it is kinda cute
  10. sambobbilly

    Betruger [Spoilers]

    wasnt he just a badguy from the start. he was sent from hell or somthing to release all the deamons into our universe
  11. sambobbilly

    maps load

    sorry if this sounds stupid? but how the hell do u install new maps?
  12. sambobbilly

    10 years

    ok this is goin round in circles ffs. im trying to inspire u lot to reveal flaws that we would think unrealistic comparing it to a hypothetical doom 4 (realese date 2014). look at stuff like the way things and creatures move. and the way things talk etc. get it now?
  13. sambobbilly

    10 years

    so basicly, wat do u find unreal about doom3?
  14. sambobbilly

    when the hell is ID gonna make an update

    mabey u just have a shite computer
  15. sambobbilly

    MAP for see all monsters

    so were u from?