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  1. So a guy walks into the Doom forums and wants to play Doom, Doom II, Final Doom and Ultimate Doom all on a pc and all with the best graphics possible. Searching could take awhile even for a Doom fanatic much less the casual Doom gamer. Hook me up! What are the best patches for all of these games?
  2. HeXploiT

    List your top ten favorite games.

    I can't place them in order. Rome Total War Doom Halflife CS:S Left4Dead(1&2) Team Fortress 2 Myth II SoulBlighter Quake BF1942 BF2 Have to add... Eve Online
  3. I want in Doom IV exactly what I wanted in Doom III, a rebiuld of the original Doom. Same maps, same monsters & same guns. The maps in the original Doom games were actually huge. It just so happens you could move very fast especially when running which made it possible to get through the maps so quickly. The levels & atmosphere were amazing in the original and I'm still eager to relive it. This includes all the original doom games as they were so similar.
  4. HeXploiT

    PSX Doom

    Are you saying you can play psx Doom on the pc with ZDoom total conversion INCLUDING the psx music? If so I'd be all over this. PSX Doom was the climax of DOOM imho. The music really brought the game to life.
  5. HeXploiT

    Doom's on Flash now

    No mouse support. :( Otherwise awesome.
  6. HeXploiT

    Any way to reveal hidden areas in Ultimate Doom?

    Funny I thought this forum was English but sofar I haven't a clue what anyone is saying. :) Oh a cheat code! Lol
  7. Is there any sort of cheat that will reveal hidden/secret areas in Ultimate Doom?
  8. HeXploiT

    How can I change the audio in Doom?

    Hey thanks for the input everyone. I can't wait to try this out. I'm trying out some texture packs and other things and when I get everything set just perfectly then I'll be ready to play.
  9. So I've decided I'm going to jump into final Doom today for the first time an a very long time. I'm in need of a high rez texture pack or something so the pixels don't kill me before the monsters do. Can someone save me some time and point me in the right direction please?
  10. I just picked up a copy of Final Doom for pc at a pawn shop and I've decided I want to play it through for the first time in many many years. Trouble is that for me the absolute best doom experience is with the music from the playstation. What I would like to do is Replace the original pc midi music with the mp3 recordings I have of the playstation tracks. Is there a way to do this?
  11. Did a search for Doom 64 TC and it does look pretty good. Much better than the psx version even. The addition of mist adds a great deal to the creepiness factor as well.
  12. You know the levels from some of the maps on the psx version where the atmosphere was filled with flames? Can't recall the names just now...i think Mt Erebus & hell keep were a couple of them. Is anyone planning on reproducing these with the Doom3 engine? Or has anyone anywhere attempted this? I've been craving to play those levels for ages.
  13. HeXploiT

    What ever happened to the doom music downloads?

    Zoiks!! Thanks Grazza. I was getting a little worried there.
  14. They used to be located here http://doomdepot.doom2.net/ and their were tracks from all the consoles. Anyone know where they're located now? I need my Doom Music!