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  1. Super-Joe

    My DOOMERS section

  2. Super-Joe

    doom for gba more info inside

    if you want to know something about the gba doom i can tell you it will suk. why? cuz gba suks. i found this funny article about it and i maybe i will go find it.
  3. Super-Joe

    My DOOMERS section

    i will send you my pic as soon as i get home. NOT THAT YOU CARE!!!
  4. Super-Joe

    Damn IM system

    they all suk
  5. Super-Joe

    One Day Of Un-Dead

    abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz lets all rejoice for i can still post here!!! abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
  6. Super-Joe

    Doomics again - with 2 celebrity cameos!

    yes they must keep it the way it has allways been. if someone compliments someone they must delete that post with haste otherwise everything would become unorderly.
  7. Super-Joe

    Best Cake album

    you'd have to ask someone who listens to stupid music.
  8. Super-Joe

    I'm leaving again...

    thats the nicest thing anyone on this forum has ever said to me... /me runs off and cries
  9. Super-Joe

    mother board from hell!!

    you know i was looking at the top of the webpage and saw an advertisement for a movie called driven that sounds really stupid. allso drivin is the name of a parody game making fun of rivin the sequal to myst. you all remember pyst right? it was an awful game, er... not that i would waste my hard earned money on it. oh yeah, good luck with that mother board thing. i couldnt understand a dang thing you wrote. i am cpu building illiterate. no, hold on. did i say that right? oh yeah, hurray for doom
  10. Super-Joe

    I'm leaving again...

    i may be retarded, but i am no newbie. its easy to think that i am a newbie due to the fact that some crazy evil communest ip banned me and then username banned me just because i had an independant thought.
  11. Super-Joe

    Doomics again - with 2 celebrity cameos!

    yeah, cuz it makes you look like a retard. the people who run this place, with thier cold black hearts of stone, like to make people look bad.
  12. Super-Joe

    Hi everybody

    welcome to the forums. i am the one that they cast away when i learned to think for myself. but they will never keep me away forever. i cant leave this place.
  13. Super-Joe

    GBA Doom In A Departure Lounge

    the game boy light was just a game boy pocket with a backlight. it was never realeased in america so good luck finding one. this just makes me mad cuz nintendo make a gameboy pocket with a backlight but the gameboy color/advance doesnt have one still.
  14. Super-Joe

    Wild Doom

  15. Super-Joe

    GBA Doom In A Departure Lounge