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  1. Namco


    Yes, my opinion is that there are parts that seemed repetitive to me. The levels seem to go on forever and ever. All I remember from HL was that Black Mesa was a huge sprawling complex where I went through door after door after door. Valve doesn't seem to break up the environments well. In HL2, the airboat ride was really fun, but man, checkpoint after checkpoint after checkpoint. It is very linear in the way that if you don't head toward the correct opening in the dam or marsh, it's a dead end. At the beginning in the city, you head out in the streets full of buildings and you have to search them all for the one drab looking door that leads anywhere, and that's upstairs, and there's only one floor that isn't blocked by debris, then you have to search every drab room for one with a window you can jump out of that leads to another street full of drab buildings, etc, etc. Ravenholm is dark alley, after dark alley, after dark alley. Headcrab here, jumping puzzle there, ambush here, crap I fell back down to the dark alley, lets do the jumping puzzle again... forget it, I'll just save and try again next week, then I forget which alley leads to the ladder that leads to the jumping puzzle. It's maddening. At least in D3, I know that Mars City leads to Alpha Labs. Alpha Labs 1 leads to Alpha Labs 2. Alpha Labs 4 leads to Enpro etc, they've broken up the monotony with LEVELS!, who'd have thought? If you look at HL2, Ravenholm is a level. A level I've been on for months :), but I know HL and HL2 are considered the best games to have ever been produced. It's just that the level layout overwhelms my widdle bwain and my crappy attention span. Anyway, back on topic RoE is coming along nicely (slowly but nicely) I figured out that the artifact slows time and I got past the first "time puzzle" after beating the first "mini boss". Slow eh? Well I don't have a heck of a lot of time to play :) (which explains my frustration with HL2) BF2's on sale for $34.99, think I'm gonna go buy it!!
  2. Namco


    Yeah it would go like this, walk down a well lit alley fighting headcrab zombies, explore a dark alley, deadend, get turned around, backtrack accidentially, fight more headcrab zombies, reach another dead end, get angry, save, do the same thing tomorrow. Sometimes I would throw a switch and not see what it did or figure out what it opened up, I just didn't dig it, HL was the same way, I got mad somewhere around the surface. For me, the absolute best level design on a game had to be Doom 1 E1, Doom2, and Goldeneye. Nothing better than sneaking around a facility killing unsuspecting patrolling guards in Goldeneye. The worst for me are HL, HL2, Turok, anything with loooooong sprawled out levels with repetitive scenery just suck in my opinion and I just can't get into them.
  3. Namco

    Doom 3. scary?

    D3 gets better and better the more I play it. I haven't played it much lately since finishing it the first time, but picked up again recently and am totally admiring the environments and fun firefights again. Still very scary the 2nd time around!
  4. Namco


    Thanks for the reply! I do love fighting swarms of monsters. There's nothing better in Doom than grabbing a key and hearing a wall open up revealing half a dozen angry imps and fighting off with a shotgun. Or walking into a room with a human sacrifice ritual going on and having the door close behind you with a bunch of wraiths and imps teleporting in like crazy. I just don't want walk down a hallway only to have a closet open silently behind me and have to fight in complete darkness while avoiding bottomless-pit-death-drops. I don't know, something about the first few minutes of RoE put me off, I believe I had a headache at the time after reading a million posts on the tivo dealdatabase forum. I'll keep playing!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Namco


    Man this place has died down since D3 has been out for awhile. I can't believe all the haters out there who post how bad D3 is. I still love the goddam game, not going to jump on the bandwagon and say that it sucks like everyone else, but that's just my opinion. Anyway I just got RoE and I have to say... man. WTF? Boom right out of the box, first level it's dark as all hell... actually hell was alot brighter if I recall correctly. Plus they give you a weaker version of HL2's gravity gun 5 seconds after the start of the game. Don't get me wrong, I friggin hate HL2. I'm stuck in ravenholm and hate the level design, if I wanted to explore dark alleyways and dead ends all day I'd become a bum and live on the streets. Back on topic, I'm still barely in the middle of the first level, and am getting put off on the gameplay already. Is RoE going to piss me off more and more as I play, or is it going to get better?... like alphalabs better? or constant platformer jumping, with monster closet ambuhes from behind in a dark room bad? If there's a thousand threads about this topic that I've missed, please feel free to flame me, at least it'd be some sort of discussion :)
  6. Namco

    Doom 3. scary?

    Man I'm not sure we're playing the same game here. You guys make it sound like it was RTCW scary, not shit-your-pants scary like I saw it. After playing tons of CS and BF1942, I wasn't ready for how scary D3 was. The last scary game I had played was Silent Hill 2. Somehow I can't very get scared by a monster with legs for a head, or a pyramid head dude. More than anything, the controls and fog pissed me off in that game. Doom 3 was incredibly scary to me. I played from 10pm to 3am on most nights with all the lights off. EAX and expensive headphones in full effect with the sound turned up high. I was playing on a new ATI card on a 21" monitor, so the visuals were incredibly sharp, clear. and immersive. I took my time in the game and enjoyed the ambiance. For me the scariest parts in the game were when you lost control of yourself and everything turned red or when a dead body lept up and flew past you. I Especially liked the part with the bloody footprints. Made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and got that flush feeling like all the blood rushes out of your face. However I concede that the Betruger berating and talking soul cube totally sucked ass. Anyway, I thought it was great how you were walking around trying to figure out how to get through a level in the darkness with the constant threat that hell might bust through the floor at any moment. I'd much rather experience the blissful industrial hell ambiance in Doom 3 than whacking a 4-legged mannequin with a goddam stick in SH2.
  7. Namco

    Delta Sector 4 = E1M8

    I just closed my eyes and let loose with the BFG. Wasn't much of a fight for the poor bastards.
  8. Namco

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    LOL, I'll volunteer in a hearbeat. Stars like Britney Spears, Sarah Michelle Ghellar, and Jessica Simpson could hire me to investigate all those doctored naked photos of them floating all over the Internet.... of course I'd have to see the real thing for reference :) .... hey, it could happen!! :-P
  9. Namco

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    Aah, that explains the smearing up at the top. I didn't even look too much at that. Was too busy investigating the part where the key belongs :-P
  10. Namco

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    I know you can't post pictures, but here's links. Here's the original picture. Hard to see compression artifacts right? Playing with the levels a bit, you can really bring out those artifacts. There is a pronounced discoloration and group of artifacts at the edge of the sticker that align themselves perfectly vertically as if they're a byproduct of the rectangle tool. Drawing a rectangle highlights the effect, however if you draw the rectangle to highlight the discoloration, you cross artifact blocks, and if you draw the rectangle to highlight blocks of artifacts, then the discoloration doesn't line up. Sorry, but it doesn't add up. It's just regular ol' Jpeg compression artifacts. Also look at how the sticker is lit. It is bright at the top, and darker near the bottom. If he used a rectangle and filled it in, it'd stick out like a sore thumb. Perhaps he used the clone stamp or healing tool, but I really doubt it.
  11. Namco

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    Which picture are you looking at? I see a ton on jpeg compression artifacts in the space where the key should be. If you're looking at the perfectly vertical compression artifacts on the right edge, they do look suspicious since they're vertical and don't line up with the edge of the sticker, but the same effect is repeated on the upper left edge as well where he probably didn't need to draw a rectangle/edit. I'm sorry but this one's inconclusive at worst and genuine at best.
  12. Namco

    Storage room c4?

    The first time I heard him on the radio, I started hurrying more quickly through the vent. When I got a little further, I remember hearing the sound of a screaming man, like he was being killed by something. Then I thought to myself, "Oh well, guess he wasn't important to the plot anyway".
  13. Namco

    Identify the keyboard?

    Crap, you know looking at it again, IBM is definitely a good match because of the tutone color of the keys.
  14. Namco

    Identify the keyboard?

    It also looks like a late 90's Dell keyboard, the ones they gave away with laptop docking stations. I remember they were just like a regular keyboard, except they had that stupid ledge above the F-keys just like this one does. Instead of the Dell logo, its a UAC logo, same spot. I believe it had a Winderz key on it too, so it'd be a good match, that is if you can't find the IBM one. Those old IBM suckers are now a well sought commodity among keyboard enthusiasts. (all 9 of them) :P
  15. Namco

    Favorite Character

    Hey how come Campbell can blow away everything on his chase to betruger without running out of ammo? Then, why does sarge get to blast away on your ass without even having to reload? How does one get the ability to shit BFG ammo at will like that, and how does one get killed once they have that ability? (in combination with having a BFG in the first place?)