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  1. WickedToadLicker

    Grue!.Wad (My first wad)

    If I don't respond to your comment its cause I'm watching a movie rn, but I will try to respond anyway :) I am no longer watching a movie
  2. WickedToadLicker

    Grue!.Wad (My first wad)

    You sit in your mother's basement, playing Zork I. Suddenly you read the words , " It's pitch black, you are likely to be eaten by a grue," as you finish reading it you get warped into your screen. A maze? It couldn't be! Run from the Grues that wish to devour your flesh. Free Camera and Jumping are optional as they don't change anything, play on nightmare difficulty and mute all sound for full experience. I also recommend that you play in a dark room. THIS WAD CAN BE VERY DISORIENTING! IT CAN MAKE YOU SICK IF YOU TRY HARD ENOUGH!! currently working on compressing a video file down for more gameplay footage of the WAD! Update: its here! grue.zip Grue!.rar should work. GZdoom is required (duh) A Hallway. (There was suppose to be more pictures but just know that most the map looks like this except for the safe spaces. ) This is my first WAD, feel free to give constructive criticism!