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  1. the_lem

    Basic doom wad

    there is one at the start of the map in a secret room
  2. the_lem

    Basic doom wad

    through tips given by others over my last practice doom wad, i have attempted to make another it is a very short map, containing 3 secrets and 8 rooms, I've only tested it in gzdoom and it runs on doom 2. jumping does not have to be turned off Rookies rampage v1.zip
  3. the_lem

    practice doom WAD

    i edited the map to fix the broken texture and edited the amount of enemies Maze_fixed.zip
  4. the_lem

    practice doom WAD

    Ill try and lay off the small spaces and huge mass of enemies next time, thanks
  5. the_lem

    practice doom WAD

    Oh gz is the port, I'm dumb
  6. the_lem

    practice doom WAD

    Oh, sorry, I can't provide screenshots but it runs on doom 2 and gz, I have no idea what source port it would run on, I apologize I'm extremely new to this
  7. i have made a very basic map, and would like criticismmaze.zip