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  1. roxofbockets

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    Interesting. How do these same options look in GZDoom?
  2. roxofbockets

    So, GZDoom has replaced its sector light options...

    That's what I used to believe, but 'Vanilla' doesn't look right: As shown in the photos above, in Map 10 of Doom 2, if the player stands in the alcove opposite the UAC door that hides the soul sphere, the player should be able to see the door frame as a silver color. This is the case in DOSBox, as well as LZDoom's 'Software' OpenGL setting. The door frame is darkened significantly on the 'Vanilla' setting. The wall to the right, and the alcove to the far left are also greatly darkened on the 'Vanilla' setting.
  3. roxofbockets

    Doom in VR - everything you need to know

    I like that you made it so you have to swing your actual fist to punch instead of pull the trigger to punch. It seems the weapon offsets in GZDoomVR are different than in QuestZDoom. E.g., If I select the pistol, then my real life hand will be slightly in front the pistol, rather than being back where the grip is. That is still pretty neat, though.
  4. roxofbockets

    Doom in VR - everything you need to know

    That was very comprehensive. I'm also a VR Doomer, though not quite as experienced. I started uploading videos of Ultimate Doom and Sigil to YouTube and Rumble. I like your idea about using secondary buttons for weapon selection. That had not occurred to me. You are right about the little baby hands in the Alternative Vanilla 3D Weapons pack, but there is a way to re-scale the weapons. If you go to Options > VR options, there is a setting called Weapon Sprite/Model Scale, which if changed to 1.00, will resize the baby hands and mini weapons into adult hands and full sized weapons. It's also useful to have a button mapped to moving forward in a perfectly straight line, similar to the W key on a keyboard. I have found it essential for platforming, since moving forward with the thumbstick will almost always have some unintended left-right movement, which is hazardous in a level like The Chasm. My links https://rumble.com/user/RoxOfBockets https://youtube.com/@RoxOfBockets/videos