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  1. Don't bother with the video I linked you to. The guy playing is really crap at it.
  2. Yea I found that after the other one. Going to check it out now :)
  3. http://doom3.filefront.com/file/OpenCoop;38438
  4. Agret

    What ports does doom3 use for multi

    Hold TAB to view the players on the server and their scores.
  5. Agret

    What ports does doom3 use for multi

    27666 TCP & UDP (For Server) 27650 TCP & UDP (For MasterServer Heartbeat) You need to open the top one for the server to work. You need to open the bottom one for it to display on the list. So open both.
  6. They want to play on the public servers with legit cd keys rather than play on private servers with the reloaded cd key If you ran the stealer then your cd key is already stolen. Re-installing isn't going to help you in any way at all. It's still more secure than just storing the key in the registry like most games do.
  7. Agret

    Doom 3 Private Server List website

    good stuff :)
  8. Video of 8 player DM: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=26619
  9. Agret

    No server list?

    hmm now my computer doesnt load the list either. My other computer loads the list but it finds like 40 lan servers which is wrong.
  10. Agret

    Cannot connect via "ipconnect"

    try pressing CTRL+ALT+~ at the main menu then typing: connect <serverip>
  11. Agret

    List of PDAs, keypad codes

    Yep its 931, in the voice message he told the guys to change the code to 901 and then he got an email if you check his messages from the IT Staff that say since there is no 0 they changed to a 3 for him. (Just a little insight)
  12. Agret

    No server list?

    Maybe it's beacuse the game has just come out. Try again now.
  13. Agret

    Cannot connect via "ipconnect"

    This may be a stupid question but what if you tried connect instead of ipconnect?
  14. Agret

    Heh -- did you know...

    yea it's a great gameplay element
  15. Agret

    What ports does doom3 use for multi

    On broadband a good ping for doom3 is 170ms. You will have no chance playing on a 56k connection. Doom 3 is a broadband-only game.