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  1. As a few others I can't get Doom 3 to run properly. It installs fine, but the ID intro clip stutters forth at about 2 FPS, and at the MENU everything seem to run at 2.5 FPS.... I can get the game to go past "loading" when starting a new game, but it only plays this little animation talking about the company, then the screen goes black and nothing more happens. I've tried a few things allready, but I'm stumped. System: ASUS A7N8X deluxe AMD Athlon 2600+ Nvidia Gforce 4 4200 Ti 1 GB ram 200 GB available on drive NEC DVDrw+ I've tried updating Nforce2 drivers, and display drivers, tried using the StarForce gfx drivers, but same results, using Starforce drivers or Nvidias latest 61.77 yields exact same result. Computer is running cool (30 C). The fun thing is that the sound plays smoothly in the menu.. :P The only thing that made things work so I could manouver the menus is some line: seta r_skipSpecular "1" This increased the FPS in the menu to about 5, so I could click around, but no changes under the settings will increase this, nor will the game start all the way. On the same puter, BFV, Tribes 2 (openGL) and Spellforce runs smoothly.. Anyone have any suggestions? I've read up alot, and looked around, but can't get it to work.. :\ I had problems with JediKnight Academy, but the StarForce drivers fixed those..