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    Cheers mate!
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    Speeding Up Imported DOOM GFX Frames

    Thanks for the tip. I used a rolled-back version of the.wad before I started going in the non-vanilla direction, but even so, since I already set up my "display" from the start, it's kind of hard fitting the frames onto it, and as such, the patches go off the frame. Ideally, I would like to preserve my original map layout as much as possible.
  5. Snor1ax_

    Speeding Up Imported DOOM GFX Frames

    It's sort of hard to explain, so I've DM'd you what the WAD file looks like now. Initially, I wanted to make it vanilla source port compatible but sort of gave up after running into quite a few problems with ordering the frames, as the latter two-thirds of the frames would play first for some reason, and I had to allocate some frames with some rather unique names to not get confused. Also, the requirements for the TITLEPIC, M_DOOM, M_LEVELS, etc. were sort of a pain.