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  1. HELLBOy

    ATI or Nvidia

    if all your gonna play is doom3 buy the Nvidia Geforce 5900fx. the 9600xt performs closer the the 5700ultra in this game. if your gonna play HL2 (ATi midrange cards are gonna stomp Nvidia in this game) or other future game get the the 9600xt. i have one and it plays on high detail doom3 fine. i get 43.5FPS in time demo at 8x6 all option on but AA and Vsync. obviously your looking at cards under $200.
  2. HELLBOy

    bad performance with 9600XT and Athlon64 3200+?

    no i have 512MB but its running in dual channel so i dont know how much that helps. no way for me to test. if i pull 1 stick it will be 256 single. sorry . seems like maybe you have left over drivers that need to be cleaned with ati cleaner or some bugs bogging down you windows. only other thing i can think of is maybe you have it running in pci and not agp. you shoud pull atleast 35FPS 8x6 on high. oh ya try turning off fast writes in the ATI control panel and make sure you AGP apature is set to 128 in your MOBO bios. and what broken arrow said. make sure you set to application prefferance in ATI control panel.
  3. HELLBOy

    bad performance with 9600XT and Athlon64 3200+?

    ah, i dont think so. i am running an ATI 9600XT 128MB and get 31.5 on 10x7 med, 43.5 on 8x6 on high. i think maybe his problem is hes running AA or Vsync, both not needed
  4. HELLBOy

    High Quality Settings? Should mine work?

    hey guy, the 5700U that they are benching with is 256MB. anyway i run mine on high (8x6) and it plays fine on a 9600XT 128MB (43.5FPS demo) so it a bunch of BS. make no mistake about it they are trying to sell cards. 9800pro 128 and 5900 128 both play high fine.