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  1. Azreal_X

    Higher polys?

    Possibly going crazy here, but after installing the expansion, I could swear 90% of the models have higher polygon counts. Especially the imp! The game runs slower on my comp than the original Doom 3 too, so I have to turn off my AA and lower the res a tiny bit to maintain 60fps. (The triangle still pops out of Swann's head though, I think they only changed the bodies, and not the head.) If someone without the expansion could post a pic of an imp from the front with r_showtris 1 enabled, I could verify it.
  2. Azreal_X

    64-bit leap?

    Yeah. Basically just a tweaking program for Forceware drivers. I love it. You can find the download for it on MajorGeeks.com
  3. Azreal_X

    64-bit leap?

    47fps on those settings. A couple of pointers: Run in High quality, because you won't notice a difference in Ultra besides the addition of lag when you enter a new area. Turn off Vsync and you're framerates won't drop to 30 when it goes 1fps under 60, AA drops performance faster than higher resolutions, unless your monitor can't go any higher, and tweak out your card with a program like RivaTuner to get the maximum performance out of your card.
  4. Azreal_X

    64-bit leap?

    No problem, and thanks for the article! I've definitely noticed a performance increase with my 6800 Ultra, but I also know it could go higher. I'd heard that it bottlenecks on this processor, I just didn't think it'd be so much. Definitely going for 64-bit now.
  5. Azreal_X

    64-bit leap?

    Brand of Videocard is eVGA.
  6. Azreal_X

    64-bit leap?

    My current system specs: AMD Athlon XP 3200+ 1Gb (512x2) PC 3200+ A7n8x-x motherboard (non dual channel x_x) AGP 8X nVidia 6800 Ultra. There are still places in Doom 3 where I run 30FPS no matter what the detail level because the graphics card bottlenecks on the processor/FSB. I don't have vsync on. I could run it 640x480 or 1024x768 with 4x AA 8xAF and I still get the same results. The question is, would I really see a difference if I got a 64-bit 3200+ and a dual channel motherboard? I really don't want to spend $300+ on something that might give a 3+ FPS performance jump. Although 99% of the time it runs great in Doom 3, there are other games that I know could perform better on my graphics card if I had a faster system.
  7. Azreal_X

    Oh, dear.

    The scratches seem very superficial. Since the data part of the CD is actually the film beneath the platic, isn't there something out there that can buff the plastic of the disk to even it out again?
  8. Azreal_X

    Oh, dear.

    I need a new Doom 3 Disk 1. My CDROM drive went haywire one day and didn't stop spinning the disk when I ejected it, resulting in the bottom of the cd scraping along the edge of the minicd tray. Now I have a perfectly circular scrape all around the CD. It still plays fine, because evidently the area the game checks for authenticity wasn't touched, but I can no longer install the game cause' it hangs on pak001. I recently reinstalled Windows, and needless to say, I need a new disk. I Is there any way to get a replacement CD without buying the entire game over again?
  9. Azreal_X

    Doom3 HD lag

    That problem is usually associated with the textures being loaded into RAM, not the hard disk. Sure, the level is loading which would make the drive access, but it shouldn't be your HD hiccuping. What quality are you running the game at? What are you Windows virtual memory settings at? What speed does your RAM operate at? Have you defragmented your hard disk recently? I like cheese. Blarr.
  10. Azreal_X

    can not run doom3 please help

    Well, there are a million things that can cause Doom3 not to run, just as there are a million things that can cause Windows the screw up. However, if you've noticed your computer is suddenly running slow, programs don't work like they used to, your internet connection is bogged down and certain pages/pictures won't load, it could mean one of these things: You have a virus/adware/spyware infection You have a firewall/antivirus blocking pages/pictures/programs You have a corrupted winsock32 driver (Internet issues) You have a corrupted Windows install (Internet and program issues) Best thing I can recommend is reinstalling Windows. You don't have to compeletly format the hard drive, just do a repair installation. If this doesn't work, scan for adware, viruses, and spyware with Norton Antivirus and Ad-aware. As always, if you are having issues with Windows, try closing down all running processes you don't need before running games. That's all I can think of for now.
  11. Azreal_X

    "Ultra Extreme Quality" mod

    That's generally why they took out the object self shadowing. The low poly counts show up quite badly with it on.
  12. Azreal_X

    Multiplayer Shadows

    If I'm not mistaken, they're removing the ability to do that in upcoming patches, as well as gamma controls etc. So the player can't just turn off shadows to see where others are trying to hide in them.
  13. Azreal_X

    crashing on a GFORCE4 ti4600

    If the signal to the monitor goes out, that MOST LIKELY means that it can't handle the refresh rate. You don't neccesarily need to chunk it down to 640x480 to get it to work all the time, just go to your display properties, click the settings tab, click the advanced button, go to the monitor tab and set the montior to 60hz. If this doesn't work, try other drivers. On a side note: I had an old Radeon 7500 PCI card back in the day, and whenever I put it in, Windows XP automatically installed drivers for it. Unfortunately they were AGP drivers, and every 10 mins the signal to the monitor would cut out. So yeah, you might want to try other drivers for it.
  14. Azreal_X


    5 megs for ~1 min of recording time @ 1024x768. DivX fast motion codec. Virtualdub rules.
  15. Azreal_X

    Simple question [how to spawn a colored light in-game]

    Air Raid... If I were female, I'd beg to have your baby.