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  1. >What source port do you use, do you play with any mods? ZDoom is my favorite, I know GZDoom is better but I just vibe with the former, Crispy Doom and Woof! are also cool. >Settings ´╗┐that make you unusual? Re-read my previous answer >What difficulty do you usually go for? And how do you engage with a map? I have a habit of Picking Ultra-Violence, that was a bit of a problem when I was just starting out. I usually just hang around until I get bored and finish the map. >What kind of wads do you go for? Mostly "Vanilla" style campaigns, trying new things won't kill you though. >What makes you play it the way you do? I'm indecisive.
  2. Favorite to Least Favorite based on IDK 1. Cyberdemon 2. Cacodemon (These 2 are basically interchangeable) 3. Archvile 4. Spider Mastermind 5. Pinky/Spector 6. Zombieman/Shotgun Guy 7. Revenant 8. Imp 9: Arachnotron 10: Hell Knight/Hell Knight 11. Chaingunner 12. Mancubus (Yeah, I'm disappointed in myself too) 13. Pain Elemental/Lost Soul 14. Wolfenstein SS 15. Icon of Sin
  3. Ranger Qwerty

    The Revenant Problem

    I like the part where I pay for the numerous murders I committed by getting beaten up by either a Mancubus or an Arachnotron, it changed my outlook on Monster Priority. Thank you "Problematic" Revenant #7, I have yet to find a way to repay him.
  4. Ranger Qwerty

    Does anyone else relate to this image? In which WAD?

    Scythe in a nutshell
  5. Ranger Qwerty

    Doom short movie

    That sounds awesome, do your best on the project, and take breaks if/when you feel overwhelmed.
  6. Ranger Qwerty

    Favorite Sound In DOOM

    The Super Shotgun's firing sound and the Roar of a Cyberdemon, I can't think of anything more badass but maybe you can.
  7. Ranger Qwerty

    What's the consensus on The Master Levels?

    They're terrible, don't play them.