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  1. Rusk

    Sarge question

    The "They took my baby" part is down a hallway that you don't have to go down, so it is easy to miss. You hear a voice near a door, and if you go through that door it takes you to the baby thing, then a panel opens up revealing some ammo and stuff. But that particular hall is just a dead end, and you don't have to go down it to progress through the level, so not everyone will have seen it. I can't remember the name of the level it is located on.
  2. Rusk

    Classic elements missing in Doom 3

    the secrets I'm talking about are not just crap in a dark corner. I'm talking about specific sound que's leading you somewhere, and a wall moving or a secret door with bonus items hidden behind it. There are plenty of those in Doom 3. Especially early in the game.
  3. Rusk

    Trites and odd blood colors?

    they have to burn up for performance reasons. If all their bodies stayed around, the game would become very slow.
  4. Rusk

    Classic elements missing in Doom 3

    There was that one guy impaled on the ceiling when you first fight wraiths. I must be the only person who isn't throwing a fit about the stupid Baron of Hell. The original Baron of Hell and the Hell Knight WERE THE EXACT SAME SPRITE (but different color)!! IT'S JUST A STUPID NAME! The Baron was not that hard anyway. He just had a little more health than a Hell Knight. (In fact the Hell Knight was just a knockoff Baron made for Doom 2 so that they could say they added X-number of new monsters. He really wasn't new at all.) And there are secrets in this game. Listen hard. When a voice says "over here" or "follow me" or "help me" something like that, they are trying to lead you to a secret. Usually when the screen goes all red and your guy freaks out, a secret has been triggered somewhere. It's usually extra health, armor, or ammo. Just because at the end of each level a screen doesn't pop up telling you the percentage of kills, secrets, and items you got, doesn't mean there are no secrets.
  5. Rusk

    monorail airlock

    I think people miss it because you are busy fighting at that time. Most all the PDA's up to that point are found on desks or in quiet areas with no monsters around. That room has alot of fighting, easy to miss the PDA on the ground.
  6. Rusk

    why'd i kill him???

    maybe it's a secret designed for violent people ;) Is this before Hell breaks loose? When going to find the scientist? I never thought abuot trying to smack that guy. what exactly was on the PDA?
  7. Rusk

    double barrel shotgun!

    Well, the rail guns they had at our lab were all huge. They take up a room. There would be no way a person could carry it, so it kind of defeats the purpose for making it in the game. I would just model it off the Quake 2/3 railgun. Like I said, it's all still in developement. But their goal is to be able to have the gun and the power supply fit onto a Hum-Vee in 10 years. It's a Army funded lab at the University of Texas in Austin. They have a website you could probaby link to through UT's main website. There is also a Navy funded lab there doing crazy work on sonar. I never knew much of what they did, but I always heard it was amazing.
  8. Rusk

    double barrel shotgun!

    Sort of. A monorail has tires that contact the rail. A rail gun is powered completely by electromagnetic forces, and the projectile doesn't touch anything inside the gun. You would've enjoyed watching the rail guns we worked with in our lab. One time someone left a wrench in the end of the barrel, the projectile obliterated that wrench with barely a change in trajectory. Didn't even phase the projectile. It ran on just a bit more than 20 car batteries. :) In fact, the power requirements are really the only thing keeping the rail gun from practical use with a Hum-Vee sized platform. Takes a lot of juice.
  9. Rusk

    double barrel shotgun!

    It's the future, and all the weapons in the game (except the Soulcube) were created by humans. Why wouldn't they be found on Earth? Maybe the plasma could be replaced by a rail gun. Those exist. I used to work in a research lab working on rail guns. They're too big right now, but in 10 years they will be mounted on top of Hum-Vees in the field.
  10. Rusk

    when the hell is ID gonna make an update

    Are you sure that wasn't one of the rooms you can teleport into? I know there are a couple of rooms with teleporter destinations that you can select, and they contain a bunch of ammo.
  11. Rusk

    New to the group AND stupid question [spoiler]

    why save your BFG shots? When you leave Hell you lose all your weapons just like you did when you entered Hell. There is nothing to save them for.
  12. Rusk

    double barrel shotgun!

    looks pretty good, I'd make it 2 inches shorter if it were me, but still looks good.
  13. Rusk

    Capture the Flag for Doom 3?

    as popular as CTF is, I'm sure someone is working on it.
  14. damn, you've already tried everything I was going to suggest. Perhaps you just got a dud card. Sucks man.
  15. Rusk


    just to clarify, the yellow part is the rifle, the black thing underneath the barrel is the grenade launcher.