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    Doom 3 Graphics Corruption w/ 9600 - Please help!

    Went to sapphiretech.com to check it out and from what I can see the drivers on their website are just official ATI 4.5 Catalyst drivers. I suppose they might be different, I haven't tried them out yet. I guess it's worth a shot but I've just about given up hope after 3 weeks of hair pulling. With the DNA drivers I've been able to run it at Medium detail so far, but I haven't played very long at one time yet to see if the problem is going to come back. God I hope not. :-( Isn't it kind of funny how many different ATI drivers are out there? Is it the same w/ Nvidia or does ATI just suck more than I've been led to believe. ^_^
  2. tgz101

    Doom 3 Graphics Corruption w/ 9600 - Please help!

    Even if you don't have a way to fix it, I'm just glad to know that someone else is having this problem. So hopefully it isn't a bad card altogether, but a bad compatability with the drivers. The older the version of ATI drivers you use the worse the problem gets, so I think it's more of a software problem. Hopefully a future patch or set of drivers may clear things up.
  3. Okay, I'm becoming desperately close to buying a new video card after 3 weeks of messing around, trying to make Doom 3 work. No one else seems to have this problem so I've been shooting in the dark trying to solve my problem. Everytime I play the game I get massive graphic corruption whenever I enter certain rooms. Not just artifacts or snow but complete texture corruption. It's been frustrating. Here are my specs: Barton AMD Athlon XP 3000+ (Stock) ASUS nforce2 A7N8X-X MB Sapphire Atlantis Radeon 9600 Pro w/ 256MB DDR (Stock) 2x512 PC3200 Memory MAG Innovision 770FS Monitor Here are most of the things I've tried: 1) Tried 4.8 Cats, 4.9 Beta Cats, and Omega v2.5.58 2) Tried Directx 9.0b AND Directx 9.0c 3) Reseated the video card in the AGP slot 4) Reseated the memory and ran MemTest and MemoryDiag 5) Underclocked the video card to 300MHz core and 175MHz memory 6) Replaced 300W powersupply with 420W power supply 7) Installed side panel fan for possible heat problems 8) Tweaked everything in the config file that I could using tweakguides.com as my reference source 9) Changed voltages for AGP Slot, tried 1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 10) Turned off Fast Write and Write Combining 11) Turned hardware acceleration down 2 notches 12) Turned down AGP Speed from 8x to 4x (Also disabled 8X support in BIOS) 13) Underclocked Athlon XP 3000+ from 2.2GHz to 1.7GHz 14) Set AGP Aperture Size to 64MB 15) Set all OpenGL texture preferences to High Performance 16) Set PC away from any outside electrical interference 17) Checked heatsinks on video card after a few minutes of playing and noticed it was not hot to the touch even after corruption started 18) Re-installed Doom 3 19) Reformated hard drive and clean installed all drivers Go here for screenshot: http://us.f2.yahoofs.com/bc/40a93261_9177/bc/My+Documents/niceCORRUPTION.jpg?bfHgPJBB4mhiq8SR Sorry bout the long post.