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  1. Seiat

    Doom 2 Tower Defense

    Well, there was a decent amount of new bugs that happened to slip under the radar, and a few new ones with switching to Zandronum, so I updated the download link in the first post. Here's a list of what was changed: In addition, the wait time between waves has been decreased by popular demand. I don't really recommend downloading this version if you've already downloaded it and started a game, unless you aren't too far in, seeing as you would have to restart your game. If you decide to anyways, I've increased and added some Boss drop rates, and also given the majority of Bosses new rare item drops that you won't get anywhere else. This should be the last update until the full version is 100% complete and tested multiple times.
  2. Seiat

    Doom 2 Tower Defense

    Woohoo!! Thanks to scifista42, D2TD now works with Zandronum provided you run it with this patch: http://www.speedyshare.com/hA8VP/skulltag-data-fixed.pk3 So far previous bugs with Zand aren't present, will be testing to find any possible additional bugs. Thanks again, scifista42!!
  3. Seiat

    Doom 2 Tower Defense

    It's out! Check the first post
  4. Seiat

    Save/Load Game Issue

    ...Well that wouldn't explain why it works fine before loading a saved game, and not after. I'm not saying it's the exact same issue either, just similar in nature. I'm guessing there's a certain master/sibling sort of relation set between the player and the sentry, seeing as you spawn sentries from an inventory item. Re-loading seems to destroy that relation.
  5. Seiat

    Save/Load Game Issue

    I'm curious about a save/load game problem I'm having with my latest doom tower defense project. Basically, after laying out your sentries, they'll start killing monsters which gives you money by using A_GiveToTarget in the monsters' death states. Normally this works as intended. But if you happen to save your game, then reload, those sentries will no longer give you money for their kills. Did a bit of research and found this: http://doomwiki.org/wiki/Targets_not_preserved_in_saved_games I think it may be a similar memory access problem, though I'm really not 100% on that. I'm pretty sure if I replaced every A_GiveToTarget action function with ACS_ExecuteWithResult, then scripted each possible cash amount you could get and set it to go directly to the player instead of through your sentries, I could fix the problem... But the amount of work and time involved with that at this point makes my modding spirit die just a little bit more every time I think of doing it. Plus, using so much ACS would probably have a negative impact on performance. Has anyone come across a similar issue and found a simpler way to work around this? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Seiat


    Not a bad megawad, although it isn't the best I've played. I did like the nostalgic feeling I got while playing it though. Good balance, plenty of ambushes, lots of ammo. Lighting was fairly well done too. All in all, I always appreciate a megawad that can keep my interest for more then 3 or 4 maps. So thanks! On the other hand, some of the maps did seem a bit rushed. I noticed certain areas where the textures didn't really blend well. They aren't grotesque to look at, but they're no eye candy either. Some areas just seemed like they could have used more. There's always room for improvement. Regardless, it's nice to see this wad is being worked on and getting updates.
  7. Thought I'd never say these 3 words. Fake and gay.
  8. Seiat

    Doom 2 Tower Defense

    Neat tricks, thanks for the tips.
  9. Seiat

    Floating UAC Base on Triton (UPDATED)

    Tried the original first, and then the update. I thought this was a neat little map, I like how it emphasized on taking cover. I didn't think the map was too hard, if anything it was fairly easy, additionally the music gave it a nice atmosphere. File size was not an issue whatsoever. Detailing wasn't top of the line, but it was pretty good. Lighting was better in the update, although the scrolling sections at the start looked strange. Another thing, seeing 4 Neptunes in the sky is just weird. If you can find a way to blank 3 of them out it would be cool. Other then that, I enjoyed it for what it was, a few minutes of fun. I looked around for the secrets, only found 1 of them. Would like it more if it was a bit longer, or there were more maps.
  10. Seiat

    Doom 2 Tower Defense

    Good idea, I gave it a shot and it definitely livened up the floor. Might have to slightly shrink the carpet's width though, it looks a bit big. I'll likely improve detailing on some of the others as well, but for now I'm focusing on finishing off the 2nd milestone. Anyways, here's a slightly better result, though it could use a bit more.
  11. Seiat

    Doom 2 Tower Defense

    Screenies, as promised. http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg837/scaled.php?server=837&filename=screenshotdoom201209071.png&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg209/scaled.php?server=209&filename=screenshotdoom201209071.png&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg716/scaled.php?server=716&filename=screenshotdoom201209072.png&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg28/scaled.php?server=28&filename=screenshotdoom201209072.png&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg191/scaled.php?server=191&filename=screenshotdoom201209072.png&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg684/scaled.php?server=684&filename=screenshotdoom201209072.png&res=landing http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg840/scaled.php?server=840&filename=screenshotdoom201209072.png&res=landing Other unmentioned features: -You can fire sentries manually with the repair gun -Special waves such as ambushes, swarms, or challengers -Decent to good looking maps -Secret map(s) -Sadistically challenging opposition in later maps (even on the easiest skill levels) -Fast waves option when you replay maps -4 different styles of map: Core (defend it) Siege (Destroy enemy cores) Breach (Dont let em through) Skirmish (Take all your saved up cash with you, all out firepower vs firepower)
  12. ************************************* **********Doom 2 Tower Defense********** ************************************* Here's an updated version, which fixes Zandronum compatibility along with some other bug fixes and tweaks. http://www.mediafire.com/download/cdin9ijgn8i0qbe/Doom2TowerDefense%282%29.rar You can run this update with skulltag_actors.pk3 and skulltag_data.pk3. Probably not worth the download if you've already started playing. Sorry about the large file size. Here are some stripped versions: No Custom Music (saves 16.3 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/5vvbig7a3us82f8/D2TDStrippedA.rar No Fancy Sentry Info Displays (saves 15.2 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/8ofn7zov52jdvcp/D2TDStrippedB.rar Fully Stripped of Music and Displays (saves 31.5 MB) : http://www.mediafire.com/download/4i0m4ptorrojfwh/D2TDFullyStripped.rar I highly recommend getting a version with custom music, it really does compliment this mod. Any mappers who'd like to submit a map for the full version, it would certainly save some time and motivate me to continue.
  13. Seiat

    hud sprite problem

    Nevermind, figured it out.
  14. K, I'm having some real trouble here. The wad I recently downloaded requires GZdoom to run in OpenGL mode. However, when I open the console, it says this: r_opengl: opengl driver not accelerated! retrying in compatibility mode r_opengl: opengl driver not accelerated! falling back to software renderer. r_opengl: reverting to software mode... Does anyone have any clue at all what this means and how to fix it? Please help me, this is driving me nuts. I tried downloading opengl right off the web, which didn't work, then tried downloading doom legacy and using the opengl file from it, but that's what it says. Please respond if you have any info...
  15. Seiat

    Monsters vs. Same Monsters

    We all know that when a doom monster hits one that isn't the same as himself (except for some), the other monster will turn around and fight it regardless of whether it's a zombieman or a cyberdemon. I find it amusing, personally. But on a few occasions i got monsters that wouldn't normally fight each other to fight each other. In the first level of Inferno, I don't remember how but i got two demons to fight each other. It was funny cuz the dumb things ran up and down next to each other and were too stupid to bite each other. On another occasion on the level Barrels o' fun, when you go through the first teleporter and there's a bunch of hell knights, I shot one pistol shot then ran and a hell knight blew the barrels up, then when I went back the other hell knights were trying to kill it. When he got close enough for them to scratch it they killed him lol. The most unique one was on a custom made level on a CD called 'Doom 2 Explosion' with a whole bunch of wads, an arch vile killed me while i was beside a barrel, which then blew up and hurt another arch vile. Then that arch vile killed the other arch vile. Confusingly amusing, eh? Anyone else have any experiences of this kind?