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  1. iamthejake2000

    Urgent appeal to keep OldDoom.com running

    Thank you!! I have enough now to keep the site up for 2 more months, at which point I'll hopefully have the means to make my own money without e-spanging. Thanks so much!
  2. Hello all, this is Jake, the owner and operator of OldDoom.com. If this is in the wrong forum, sorry, go ahead and flame your lil hearts out. As with many people of late, I have been in financial dire straits. With things like rent payments and food to worry about without the "luxury" of any kind of steady income, keeping my web site afloat has become a relatively low priority. I simply can't spare the $13 it will take to keep it online for one more month. Clearly I've been done updating the site for a long time. The majority of it was created years and years ago, when I was 13, and to me it essentially serves as a relic of a bygone era of my life. But if you find OldDoom.com in any way informative, entertaining, or useful, and would like to avoid seeing its domain bought up and turned into a fake airfare search engine or something, please donate what you can using the "Donate" button on my home page. If I cannot collect $13 by the first couple days of April the site will shut down. Thanks, Jake OldDoom.com
  3. iamthejake2000

    rectangle-drag selecting

    i should have added: to highlight linedefs inside a sector.
  4. iamthejake2000

    rectangle-drag selecting

    how do you draw a selection rectangle (in 2d mode)?
  5. iamthejake2000

    can't change brightness or see things in 3d mode

    fullscreen mode solved the problem. thanks for your replies.
  6. iamthejake2000

    can't change brightness or see things in 3d mode

    :D thanks! i just stumbled onto doombuilder, and this deepsea veteran about had a heart attack. hope i can figure out the brightness thing...
  7. changing the brightness and gamma in config does nothing to brighten 3d mode. also i can't see things in it. i've got a radeon 9600se, directx 9.0c, and windows xp home sp1a. thanks in advance.
  8. iamthejake2000

    Please Help me Find HQ "Satan Goat-Head" Picture...

    not the one he's looking for. and it's 9 textures ;)
  9. does anyone play the original doom executables? i'm just curious. i recently got nostalgic and set up a dual-boot, winxp and win98, just so i could play portless doom :P
  10. iamthejake2000

    revenant and baron slow-dancing

    do it!
  11. iamthejake2000

    revenant and baron slow-dancing

    someone added that. works well.
  12. iamthejake2000

    Maddox Is Writing a Book!

    i love the 11 worst songs article.
  13. iamthejake2000

    ssg sound pitch lowering

    alright, thanks. anyway, i like windoom because i like to play doom as close to the dos version as possible. i'd play the original executables if i didn't use windows xp.
  14. iamthejake2000

    ssg sound pitch lowering

    i'm using windoom and the ssg reloading sounds' pitches are cut in half. i made a wad that replaces the ssg reloading sounds with ones with the pitch doubled, and the sounds play normally in the game, except they're lower quality. i used to use windoom a long time ago and i don't remember this. i know very little c++, but i did look at the source code and i couldn't find anything. does anyone know what the problem is? thanks.