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  1. XXoXX

    BBQ Jew

    Ouch, that's a slap in the face for millions of Jews. Can't be suprised the place will be burned down one day, probably by radicals.
  2. XXoXX

    Where do you think the Doom Guy will go?

    Lemme guess, impse.wad :P. The Doomguy will probably be stuck in various doom ports....for eternity.
  3. How big can a 3 map wad be? And why not upload into the archives? Perhaps you can provide us with a little more info?
  4. XXoXX

    Doombuilder like DEU?

    WadAuthor is nice. I still use it for my basic layouts for maps.
  5. That's some pretty....distrubing stats. I'm gonna sleep in a locked room for the night....
  6. XXoXX

    Israel invades Lebanon

    If you try opposing neocons, they'll run a smear campaign against you and label you as a radical liberal who supports all that's bad for the nation. On the other hand, they'll potray themselves as defeneders of peace, champions of democracy and all other goody-goody crap. Who would you believe in the end? Would you want to suffer THEIR wrath? Just my 2 cents on neocons. :p
  7. XXoXX


    Yeah, some advanced ports supports cutscenes. Zdoom for one. If you're looking for a wad with cutscenes, you can try impse.wad here :P. http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?id=11927
  8. XXoXX

    Israel invades Lebanon

    Isn't the EU and the US at odds about Lebanon? After all, it was the US that single-handed killed any prospect of an immediate ceasefire and threatened to veto a resolution condemming Israel. Sad, huh? I can already see an Islamic revolution overthrowing the Lebanese goverment if Israel don't stop. BTW, Israel says the world "backs" their operation. Makes sense tho, if the "world" is the US.
  9. XXoXX

    What enemy kills you the most?

    You sure? I have to agree with sundar that Hell Knights and Barons have way lower painchance than any other monsters. (ok, maybe except for cybies but that's a different matter) In fact, revenants have a relatively high painchance. You can take one out via machinegun without it firing a shot. Whereas you get screwed if you try the same trick on Knights or Barons. I use ZDoom too so I can't see why your revenants can be different. Fast monsters perhaps?
  10. XXoXX

    Blue Doom...

    Nice work. At least you have a set theme. My projects often suffer from a lack of continuity. *sigh*
  11. XXoXX

    AMD close to buying ATI

    Maybe they can help improve ATi sucky drivers. Damn you Catalyst!
  12. XXoXX

    Israel invades Lebanon

    If I remember correctly, Israel was on what was Palestinian land. They got booted off the land after WWII after Turkey lost the war. I think it would be fair to say that Israel got the land under conterversial circumstances at best. The Arabs, of course, feel aggrieved at this. And they have long memories. Heh, if bombing civilian infrastructure and random civilians is Isarel's idea of strategy then I can't see it working (yet). I think the Soviets found out in Afghanistan that brute force won't crush a guerilla group (and they had eight years). Maybe we all can learn a lesson there.
  13. XXoXX

    Help on some stupid things

    Or you could use Wintex 4.3 and use the join PWad function. Either way would do fine. I thought texture1 and texture2 only applies to udoom wads, right?
  14. XXoXX

    Sector Effect/Linedef Action Question

    I done some testing and it seems that the linedef i mentioned only changes the texture, not the effect.... The only linedef that seems to do this is W1/WR lower to the lowest floor (changes texture) and W1 raise 24 (changes texture). I apologise for my mistake. Guess i should have it tried myself earlier. Maybe a vet should comment on this.
  15. XXoXX

    Israel invades Lebanon

    Well said. I can't imagine why Isarael will want to strike at critical infrastructure like power plants and road networks just to get at Hezbollah. Man, that's like shooting a mosquito with a shotgun...a very big shotgun. And yes, it will still miss. Hezbollah will be here to stay and there's probably nothing Isarel can do about it, even if they bomb Lebanon to the ground and then some. They'll just find more holes to crawl into and then launch some more of those pesky rockets again. Then there's the baffling unwavering support of the US (and to a certain extent, Britain) for the Isarelis to do pretty much what they want....