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  1. Zyrusticae

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth Baron Of Hell!

    Oke, enough with the cyberdemon comments... According to the DooM bible, the cyberdemon is a heavily modified and enhanced Baron of Hell. So there. I'm not one to speak for a team I'm not a part of, but a wireframe is a wireframe. It's hardly indicative of the final result. For the most part, such hi-poly models are used to create the normal maps; the in-game model is going to be much lower-poly.
  2. Zyrusticae

    Cacodemon model - need info

    Hey, uh, I'm not one to bump old topics, but has there been any progress on this? Any news of a release? Anything at all?
  3. Zyrusticae

    Doom 3 & Athiesm

    *Sigh...* Obviously with that kind of attitude there's no getting through your thick skull. Care to point out how I'm wrong? And your throwing around labels like it means something is rather telling of your intelligence. So atheists are the only ones who are hypocrites? So none of your village-raping, crusading, "Thou-shalt-not-kill" Christians are hypocrites? Oh, man.. this is great...
  4. Zyrusticae

    Doom 3 & Athiesm

    Quit twisting definitions. Religion is belief in a God or set of gods. They usually include a superpower, some kind of ancient text, and some sort of list of principles they all go by. Religion has nothing to do with how close-minded someone is... Unless they let their religion dictate their beliefs, in which case they become more close-minded than those who don't believe in their religion. *Sigh...* To not 'acknowledge' God? To believe I am in complete control? You just don't get it, you arrogant asshole... I simply do not believe in a God or set of gods. There is nothing to acknowledge because they don't exist in the first place. And it's not just a cosmic coincidence; it's an incredibly well-ordered set of events that spins this world into its present existence (though obviously you'd have some trouble understanding the miniscule details involved in such events). If you take that last statement, you could put it both ways; if there was no God, there would be no atheists. On the other hand, if there is no God, that means everybody would have to be an atheist. To be a theist is to believe, obviously, in a God or set of gods. Or perhaps the word wouldn't exist at all.... Do you see how that line of logic ultimately defeats itself? Try harder next time....
  5. Zyrusticae

    Classic colors mod

    Nice! Make the green darker plz. I personally don't like the gloves... You probably shouldn't bother skinning them on, since they'd end up looking like tight-fitting latex gloves or something like that unless you modeled them yourself.