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  1. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    Bagel Bites

    They put poop in my butt, so no.
  2. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    Xbox = Inferno

    Oh that's such a smart and witty nick name.
  3. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    What music do you listen to?

    Fuck all Y'all, I listen to 2Pac beotch!
  4. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    CD-eating fungus discovered

    olol now where will i hide my pr0n.?
  5. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    Dem HOEs Is Done

    I got word from Argo:
  6. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    Dem HOEs Is Done

    I'll have a talk with Argo about releasing our material to the public.
  7. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    No Bubba Ho-Tep 2...ever.

    Worst. Movie. Ever. Except for Bruce Campbell.
  8. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    This is it

    This news is a little belated as some of you already know but... Hell On Earth has been cancelled. Yes, it pains my heart everytime I hear that. http://d3hoe.d3files.com/goodbye.php Thanks for all of your feedback and comments, we really appreciated all of it. It's just sad that the reason why our mod was cancelled was lack of help from the community. Oh sure, people were excited for this mod but did they do anything? Nope. Mostly everyone just sat back and said, "Can't wait till it comes out." "Can't Wait." etc... The link pretty much explains it all. Again I say it, thanks guys. It's been a blast but some things just have to end.
  9. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    The Unmaker

    I'm not sure if you guys know but the thread has been updated.
  10. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    RSS of Doomworld

  11. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    The Unmaker

    Yep, the Hell On Earth team has released a screenshot of the Unmaker from the Doom Bible. http://d3hoe.d3files.com/files/gallery/weapons/unmaker.jpg
  12. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    ROE weapons, Enimies, Bosses etc.

    Doom 3 Hell On Earth already has an Unmaker.
  13. Jeez, who woulda guessed? Still, I don't know about you but I loved that show. Source here: http://forums.g4techtv.com/messageview.cfm?catid=61&threadid=288459
  14. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    9.0 earthquake

    Quad Damage
  15. [D3HoE]Makaveli

    Reggie White seems to be dead

    Reggie Miller is out on bail.