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  1. Entropy

    Arsenal wad

    Recipient address rejected: User unknown in relay recipient table Giving up on Oh well...either i join the zdoom forum and ask my question there or just forget it.
  2. Entropy

    Arsenal wad

    dal.eletro@bol.com.br is the one i am trying now. His website does not give an email address.
  3. Entropy

    Arsenal wad

    I was playing Daniels awesome Arsenal wad and using the morp gun turning monsters into pigs and chickens. This is his updated for zdoom version wad, not the one for zdoom community build. When you try to kill the pigs and chickens my computer always freezes up. Does anyone know how to contact him? I am trying to figure this out using XWE but am having a hard time because of limited knowledge of decorate.
  4. Entropy

    EE 3.33.50 RC1

    Did anyone notice how dark the water is in this version? Is this a bug or can it be corrected with a command or an EDF edit? This bug is also in Prboom+. In windowed mode the blues looks normal as NokturnuS pointed out.
  5. Entropy

    You Decide: Chocolate Doom Mouse

    Add mwheelup and mwheeldown. I could bind these to a summon command or cheats or whatever. When you(in the future)add a weapon toggle option...this would be very useful.
  6. Entropy

    Too late?

    COOL!! By the way...you dont have to go through the trouble of adding the weapon toggle function, just add the mwheel bindings. I could bind the mwheels to something nasty like GOD and NOCLIP...or summon "MBFhelperdog 1". But i can wait till the next version.
  7. Entropy

    Too late?

    Thanks for considering my requests! Looking forward to version 3.35 as well as 3.33 and 3.34.
  8. Entropy

    Too late?

    I hope is it not too late to ask for two features before the next version comes out! Would it be too hard to add two new bindings....mwheelup and mwheeldown. I use my mouse to move forward,shoot and mouselook,it would be cool to toggle weapons also. Blood particle duration time. You told me some months ago that other users where asking about this.
  9. Entropy

    ZDoom translucency

    Sir_Alien...i shouldnt have said that about the wiki. Should have said that it doesnt have what i want to know. I want to increase the tranlucency for the glass walls and tubes in the Caverns of Darkness patch for zdoom. I dont know what things properties to alter to accomplish this...so was looking for a general command(translucency increase) for the zdoom engine.
  10. Entropy

    ZDoom translucency

    I was hoping for an easier way. So now i will have to use dehacked or decorate to define translucency on each thing or actor. Thanks anyway.
  11. Entropy

    ZDoom translucency

    Translucency can be turned on or off but cant find the command for percentage. The wiki doesnt have much on it. Anybody know how to do this?
  12. Splatter...the port you are looking for is doom legacy.
  13. Entropy

    Blood Particles

    The current menu looks just fine to me. Why go thru the trouble of changing it? Everyone including myself realizes that Eternity is free and you probably work on it in your spare time...so we cannot pressure you for anything. For the time being i will play with the blood sprites until settable blood fade becomes a reality.
  14. Entropy

    Blood Particles

    Blood sprites always disappear when they hit the ground but your blood particles sometimes fall and stay for about one second. This looks very realistic(like Legacy)and would like to know how to make the particles last a few more seconds. I cant seem to find them in frames or things EDF....unless the DRIP effect is what i am looking for?
  15. Entropy

    Console Commands

    Ok...i changed the autoexec.cfg to autoexec.csc, entered the name in the eternity.cfg file under cscript_1, and it works great. Thanks again.