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  1. maggot

    What's your favorite level, besides Hell?

    i liked the first few levels too. the moving machinery was awesome. that level with the slime was good too. its too bad that was so short. they could have made tunnels made out of that stuff and it would have been hard to find a way out.
  2. maggot


    has anyone noticed when you come into the room where there is an info booth and a machine that tries to test the cube but the cube isnt there. the info machine says that the cube was discouvered in 2104. later on when you are at the sites there is an info disk that says that the sites were excavated in 2115 and the soulcube was found at site 3. if the cube was found in 2104 how did it get to site 3 in 2115 ????
  3. maggot


    how about when you first start hell. there is a kind of melody. its the same melody you hear later when you descend down a large elevater. when i heard that melody again i thought i was going back down to hell.
  4. maggot

    help me out!

    my guess is that you are at the place where you have to activate a bridge. there is a panel on the left side where there is moving machinery. just push it and it should activate that bridge.
  5. maggot

    Doom3 no CD key i didnt get on with it.

    i bought command and conquor and it had the nod disk missing. i got it replaced. its funny because if you played the nod you needed that disk and playing the nod was the best thing about that game.
  6. maggot

    Has anyone ever noticed this?

    no. it must symbolize the birth of some great evil. :)
  7. maggot

    Most annoying monster?

    he might have meant there werent any guys after people were changed. there were only a few scientists and the only person you teamed up with was the scientist with the lantern. and he didnt last too long.
  8. maggot

    Doom 3 Hell Hole

    ok!!! forget about what i said earlier about going down into it and closing it from inside yuk.. killing the cyberdemon was enough.
  9. maggot

    Doom 3 Hell Hole

    yea i wonder why killing the cyberbeast causes the hole to collapse. there could have been a way to go into the hell hole and close it from there. but anyway it was fun fighting the beast.
  10. maggot

    reason for machine demons

    yea its too bad there werent more of them. in old doom you got to go knuckle to knuckle with groups of them. that was a lot of fun. i liked the way the old pinkies growled at you too.
  11. maggot

    reason for machine demons

    how about wolfenstein 3d. trying to kill those phantom hitlers with a machine gun was tough.
  12. maggot

    morse code

    there is room where there is lots of machinery in motion. the only way to get into this room is climbing through a window. in the back of the room is one flickering light and it repeats haicak. haicak is an street in new york. it could be the next invasion site.:)
  13. maggot

    Storage room c4?

    thats exactly right. out doom guy went to hell and back. if our guy can get out of hell then that guy could get out of the c4 room.
  14. maggot

    morse code

    does anyone notice that in some levels where the lights flicker there are morse code signals. one area the word KIN keeps repeating. i wonder what thats all about.
  15. maggot

    Storage room c4?

    the guy says he is near by. but who is he talking to. for all we know it could be the guy in delta lab talking to some other guy there and we pick up the signal.